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Welcome to the Center for Wildlife Education

We are excited to announce that the Center for Wildlife Education will be reopening on Saturdays during the months of April and May. Beginning April 2, 2022, our doors and all exhibits will be open to the public from 1:00 – 4:45 PM.

Looking for a perfect activity for upcoming summer camps, small family visits, or anything in between? Check out the following summer programs being offered at the Wildlife Center this year.

Guided Tours: These are great for those small groups or families that want to see the Center’s animals up close and personal.

1 hour programs for preschoolers, K-12, and adults: Our preschool and wildlife programs are now available all summer long. These are great for daycares, summer camps or other groups looking for a great summer learning experience.

Walk on the Wild Side: This morning program features our newest addition, the Waterfowl Pond. Three rotations featuring reptiles, raptors and waterfowl will offer a unique introduction to our native wildlife.

Wildlife Connections: Conducted by the Center’s Director, Steve Hein, this is an interactive program that discusses the relationships between man and nature.

Summer Programs 
Field Trip Programs
Outreach Programs
Weekday Programs
Guided Tours
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To contact our staff call 912-478-0831 or click HERE for email.