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Student Services Outcomes Assessment

Student Services Outcomes assessment supports student success through a reflective process that allows student and academic support units to define meaningful outcomes to measure the effectiveness of their co-curricular educational programming, services, and activities for continuous improvement of student success initiatives. 

Student outcomes align with the unit mission, focus on the central purposes of the unit, and reflect meaningful and manageable expectations for the unit to achieve and track on a continual basis. If a unit has an educational component, it is appropriate for the unit to have a student learning outcome, a type of student outcome. Student learning outcomes (SLOs) are specific statements that articulate the content knowledge, skills, and/or dispositions students should gain or improve through participating in unit programs or activities. SLOs contain precise, measurable, and observable verbs that reflect an appropriate depth of knowledge from expected participation.

Units follow a regular process of collecting data and assessing student outcomes using multiple measures, which may include a combination of direct measures and indirect measures. Data collected through this process are analyzed and summarized in an assessment document based on the Student Services Outcomes Template and Student Services Outcomes Checklist. This document provides evidence of seeking improvement based on analysis of results in student outcomes.

Student Services outcomes assessment documents are submitted to the Office of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation twice a year for peer-review using the criteria in the Student Services Outcomes Checklist. IAA hosts several charrette events for all Student Services units, in which units have the opportunity to discuss, reflect, and receive feedback on their assessment process or documentation from other Student Services units. 

* Download template as .docx file. 

Assessment Process

Student Services Outcomes Assessment Timeline

Assessment TimelineDescriptionCharrette DatesDocument Due Date
Jan - June 2022Complete Unit Mission through Data Collection ProceduresMay 2022June 27, 2022
July - Dec 2022Update previous sections
Complete Results, Reflections, and Use of Results for Future Improvement
Nov 2022Dec 16, 2022
Jan - June 2023Update previous sections
Complete Impact of past improvements and changes
Identify new actions for future improvements
May 2023June 26, 2023
July - Dec 2023Update and complete assessment documentNov 2023Dec 15, 2023
Jan - June 2024Update and complete assessment documentMay 2024June 24, 2024
July - Dec 2024Update and complete assessment documentNov 2024Dec 13, 2024

Student Services Assessment Bulletins

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Last updated: 5/2/2022