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Programmatic Accreditation

In addition to institutional accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), many individual academic programs at Georgia Southern University are accredited by outside accrediting organizations. Section 14: “Transparency and Institutional Representation” of the Principles of Accreditation (2018) for SACSCOC reads as follows:

The institution (a) represents itself accurately to all U.S. Department of Education recognized accrediting agencies with which it holds accreditation and (b) informs those agencies of any change of accreditation status, including the imposition of public sanctions.

To ensure that Georgia Southern University complies with this standard, all specialized, programmatic accreditation reports; reaffirmation of specialized, programmatic accreditation reports; or any subsequent reporting should use the official university bio to describe the institution. This bio is written by Marketing and Communications and is approved by the President for use in all official communications representing the University.

Procedures and Timeline

To ensure that Institutional Assessment and Accreditation (IAA) is apprised of all specialized, programmatic accreditation reporting and has ample opportunity to review and provide input to such reporting before it is submitted to the accrediting body, the following procedures have been implemented.

By August 1 of each academic year, each college reports to IAA all programs in their college which will undergo specialized, programmatic accreditation; reaffirmation; and/or reporting during the forthcoming academic year.

Using the form below, the college will report (for each program):

  • the name of the program which holds the specialized, programmatic accreditation
  • the name of the accrediting body
  • the actual due date of the specialized, programmatic accreditation report to the accrediting body

The initial accreditation document must be submitted to IAA a minimum of six weeks prior to the document’s due date to accrediting body to ensure sufficient time for internal review.

Accredited Program Listing

Last updated: 9/6/2023