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General Education Redesign: Phase 2

Phase 2: Student Learning Outcome Development | Thematic Journey Development

Since the new proposal moves away from the model of core areas, general education student learning outcomes will need to be revisited and developed. Initial drafts of student learning outcomes will be based on feedback collected in the information gathering phase, with opportunities for additional feedback from stakeholders across campus. Additionally in this phase, models will be proposed for developing thematic journeys in the redesigned core curriculum. This work will be initiated by the GECC in collaboration with partners from other disciplines and administrative units with specific areas of expertise to contribute to this stage of development.

GECC General Education Redesign Subcommittees

Because of the scope of the work involved in drafting new student learning outcomes for the new core areas and designing a structure for thematic journeys, the GECC will divide into subcommittees in Spring 2021 to effectively address this work. Thirteen total subcommittees will be formed, each chaired by a current GECC member and consisting of partners from related disciplines and administrative areas. In addition to the student learning outcomes for core disciplines, subcommittees will also investigate current models of thematic general education programs to make recommendations for the structure and content of thematic journeys and they will investigate the development of a general education mission/vision statement in alignment with the university mission. For more details on the GECC General Education Redesign Subcommittees, see below:

General Education Redesign Student Working Group

To ensure student feedback on the development of the general education redesign, IAA solicited student volunteers to serve on a General Education Redesign Student Working Group starting in the Spring 2021 semester. Students who serve on the working group will work in parallel to the GECC General Education Redesign Subcommittees to review and provide student perspectives on the development of student learning outcomes and curriculum structure. For more details on the General Education Redesign Student Working Group, see below:

Last updated: 4/9/2021