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General Education Redesign: Phase 1

Phase 1: Information Gathering

In this phase, the GECC and IAA are seeking feedback, suggestions, questions, and concerns from all stakeholders across the institution, including faculty, staff, students, and alumni. This phase consists of

  • a series of Town Hall meetings
  • a campus-wide survey of students
  • a literature review of key concepts and general education models
  • additional discussions with specific groups across campus to ensure sufficient representation
  • and an open comment form.

General Education Town Halls

Thirty-three general education town hall sessions were held by Zoom from August 24-September 2nd, with specific times designated for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and some combined sessions. Three hundred and one attendees participated in discussions about the overall purpose of general education at Georgia Southern, the critical knowledge and skills students should gain from their general education curriculum, and feedback on new areas and aspects of the curriculum included in the UGS Board of Regents proposal. Details on the Town Hall schedule and feedback are available below:

General Education Redesign Student Survey

A Qualtrics survey was distributed to all undergraduate and graduate students from November 4 – December 4. The survey included questions similar to those asked in the General Education Town Hall session about the overall purpose of general education, critical skills and knowledge students should have, and interest in the thematic journey topics proposed in the General Education Town Hall sessions. Responses were collected from 2,272 students.

The survey also included a call for any students who wished to volunteer to serve on a General Education Redesign Student Working Group starting in the Spring semester. Thirty-five students volunteered for this service to the institution. 

Literature Review

IAA staff initiated a literature review to collect preliminary resources for the GECC to inform the development of student learning outcomes, curriculum, and assessment strategies for all areas of the new core curriculum, including global competencies, information literacy, and critical thinking as skills that would be woven throughout the curriculum across disciplines. IAA also compiled examples of thematic general education programs from other institutions and examples of general education mission/vision statements.

Additional Discussions

IAA has held follow up discussions with specific departments and academic units based on comments or concerns raised in the General Education Town Hall meetings. The purpose of these discussions was to gather more detailed information about the potential impacts of the new curriculum and to seek opportunities to align with existing departmental or unit initiatives to provide mutually beneficial support. These meetings are ongoing and open to any department or unit on campus who would like to have further discussion about the general education redesign process. (If you are interested in scheduling a meeting for additional discussion, please contact

IAA has met with the following departments/administrative units:

  • Career and Professional Development
  • The Faculty Center (formerly CTE)
  • Communication Arts
  • Foreign Languages
  • Honors College
  • International Studies
  • Office of Global Engagement
  • Office of Inclusive Excellence
  • Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Office of Strategic Research and Analysis
  • University Libraries
  • Writing and Linguistics

Last updated: 7/27/2021