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General Education Redesign

The University System of Georgia (USG) Board of Regents (BoR) has initiated a system-wide redesign of the general education curriculum. The initial stages of this proposed redesign have been led by a group of more than 40 faculty and academic administrators representing all institutions in the system. Following the presentation of the initial stages of this work to the BoR in February 2018, the proposal has been widely shared through the University System of Georgia website, Redesigned General Education: A New Curriculum for a New Time, which includes a video presentation overview of the proposal and a request for feedback in an open comment form.

The General Education Redesign timeline has been delayed at the system level due to disruptions caused by COVID-19. The General Education and Core Curriculum Committee continues to gather information and make preparations while awaiting a finalized proposal and additional guidelines for next steps.

Proposed Redesigned General Education Curriculum

USG General Education Resign.
Dr. Tristan Denley, Chief Academic Officer for the University System

Process Overview

As Georgia Southern prepares for the development of a redesigned general education curriculum, the General Education and Core Curriculum (GECC) standing sub-committee of the Faculty Senate, with support from Institutional Assessment and Accreditation (IAA), is engaging in a six phase process:

In this phase, the GECC and IAA seek feedback, suggestions, questions, and concerns from all stakeholders across the institution, including faculty, staff, students, and alumni. This phase consists of a series of Town Hall meetings; a campus-wide survey of students; a literature review of key concepts and general education models; additional discussions with specific groups across campus to ensure sufficient representation; and an open comment form.

Since the new proposal moves away from the model of core areas, general education student learning outcomes will need to be revisited and developed. Initial drafts of student learning outcomes will be based on feedback collected in the information gathering phase, with opportunities for additional feedback from stakeholders across campus. Additionally in this phase, models will be proposed for developing thematic journeys in the redesigned core curriculum. This work will be initiated by the GECC in collaboration with partners from other disciplines and administrative units with specific areas of expertise to contribute to this stage of development.

The GECC will solicit course proposals for consideration as part of the new core curriculum. Courses will need to be aligned with the new SLOs and the curriculum structure once approved by the BoR. There will be opportunities for faculty to work collaboratively to develop new courses or to link existing courses to the SLOs and thematic journeys in a meaningful way.

After proposals have gone through the curriculum change process at Georgia Southern, they must be sent forward to the USG for review by the Council on General Education. The CGE may request additional changes, which we will address through the curriculum process.

IAA will be sharing resources regarding best practices for assessing general education student learning outcomes with a specific focus on new core components and integrated core skills. Assessment methods will need to be considered in conjunction with the development of course proposal submissions.

New core courses will be available for registration the Spring semester prior to implementation in Fall. Pilot assessment data will be collected in the first year of the new core implementation following the assessment plans developed in Phase 5.

Last updated: 4/9/2021