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Curriculum Review and Approval Process

The primary responsibility for the content and quality of curriculum resides with the faculty, who at various levels create, evaluate, and implement curricular changes. This process is central to Georgia Southern University’s mission of creating a learner centered environment.  Curriculum is a powerful mechanism through which we promote institutional values. Through our curriculum we prepare students to think, lead, teach, and serve.  Creating new programs and courses as well as revising those currently offered is central to achieving academic excellence, promoting inclusion, and ensuring our programs and courses advance discovery and innovation that positively impacts our communities.

To help support faculty in this endeavor, the Office of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation (IAA) along with the Registrar’s Office is committed to providing faculty with the resources necessary to effectively develop and implement curriculum changes.

Institutional Curriculum Process

Conditional External Review Process

General Resources

Substantive Change

Last updated: 8/2/2023