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Comprehensive Academic Program Review

Effective July 1, 2023, oversight of Comprehensive Academic Program Review has transitioned to the Office of the Provost. For questions, please contact Dustin Anderson –

Comprehensive Academic Program Review is an ongoing process of programmatic assessment that leads to programmatic improvement and facilitates programmatic strategic planning consistent with the institution’s strategic plan. While the results of comprehensive academic program review are reported on a seven-year cycle, programs review and evaluate progress toward their programmatic goals and objectives annually, initiating corrective action as needed. At the culmination of the seven-year cycle, programs complete the self-study document, using evidence gathered during the past seven years (with particular attention to the most recent three years). The self-study document focuses on the quality, productivity, and viability of the program and, based upon those findings, develops an action plan for improvement.

The Comprehensive Academic Program Review Steering Committee (CAPRSC), consisting of faculty members representing all colleges, is responsible for oversight of the comprehensive academic program review process and documentation. For each cohort of programs submitting a self-study document, the CAPRSC conducts a peer-review based on criteria included in the Institutional Evaluative Rubric. Each document is first reviewed by two independent reviewers from the committee who then compare their reviews and compile reconciled feedback to the program suggesting potential improvements for the program or its self-study documentation.

*Note: All department chairs and associate deans for programs due review within the next academic year will be auto-enrolled. Please submit an Assessment Services Request Form to request enrollment.

Comprehensive Academic Program Review Process Timeline

Calendar YearDate (Approximate)PhaseEvent
1June 1NotificationIAA sends pre-populated self-study template and resources to Dean's Office for distribution to program personnel
July 1PreparationDean's Office charges department chair to establish a program comprehensive academic program review committee charged with completing the self-study document
August 1PreparationDepartment Chair establishes program comprehensive academic program review committee and charges committee with completing self-study document
September 1PreparationDean's Office, in coordination with department chair and program committee, submits list of 3 to 5 prospective external reviewers to IAA*
September 15PreparationIAA notifies Dean's Office and Department Chair of external reviewers' confirmation and finalized external reviewer list*
November 15SubmissionDepartment Chair submits completed self-study document with chair memorandum to Dean's Office
December 1SubmissionDean's Office submits completed self-study document with chair and dean memoranda to IAA
December 15External ReviewIAA submits completed self-study document to external reviewers
2January 15External FeedbackExternal reviewers submit feedback and recommendations to Dean's Office, Department Chair, and IAA
February 1Internal ReviewIAA submits external reviewers' feedback and recommendations along with self-study documents to internal committee
March 1Internal ReviewInternal committee finalizes and approves feedback and recommendations
March 15Internal ReviewIAA submits committee-approved feedback and recommendations to appropriate faculty senate curriculum committees
April 1Internal ReviewFaculty Senate curriculum committees review and vote on feedback and recommendations
April 15Internal FeedbackIAA sends committee approved feedback and recommendations to Dean's Office for distribution to program personnel
May 15Response to FeedbackIf required, Dean's Office submits program-generated action plan addressing feedback to IAA
June 1SubmissionIAA submits self-study documents to University System Office

*Note: External review is required for all programs not accredited by external agency.

Comprehensive Academic Program Review Steering Committee (CAPRSC)

CollegeFirst NameLast NameCampus
Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and ComputingMohammadAhadStatesboro
College of Arts and HumanitiesOlgaAmarieStatesboro
College of Science and MathematicsJenniferBaileyArmstrong
Parker College of BusinessJohnBarkoulasStatesboro
College of Science and MathematicsJamesBrawnerArmstrong
College of EducationRichardClevelandStatesboro
Waters College of Health ProfessionsGinaCrabbArmstrong
College of Behavioral and Social SciencesDanielGambacortaArmstrong
University LibrariesLaurenMcMillanArmstrong
College of Arts and HumanitiesJohnathanO'NeillStatesboro
College of EducationElizabethProsserStatesboro
Jiann-Hsu Ping College of Public HealthHareshRochaniStatesboro
College of Behavioral and Social SciencesNalandaRoyArmstrong
Waters College of Health ProfessionsMcKinleyThomasArmstrong
Parker College of BusinessMarkYanochikStatesboro
Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and ComputingKaiWangStatesboro
Undergraduate CommitteeDwightSneathenStatesboro
Graduate CommitteeMicheleMcGibonyStatesboro

Last updated: 12/6/2023