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Individual Fund Requests

Download the CfS Mini-Grant: Individual Funding Request Application HERE.
Email completed application with all attachments to

Rules and Regulations for CfS Mini-Grant: Individual Fund Request
  • The student must be a full time undergraduate or a graduate student who is in good standing at Georgia Southern University and have paid his/her student activity fees.
  • Students involved with Greek life may receive Individual Funding.
  • The Individual Fund Request must been typed and submitted to with all the attachments necessary.
  • The applicant must be registered for classes during the semester of his/her travel.
    *If a student is traveling between semesters, he/she must also be registered for the semester following the travel.
  • If a student is attending a conference and is not presenting, the maximum award amount is $150.00
  • If a student is attending a conference and presenting, the maximum award is $300.00
  • Please state the reasons for travel as related to your education and professional development. Explain how this request pertains to environmental sustainability (describe how it relates to people, planet and profit: the triple bottom line of sustainability). The grant is not guaranteed; therefore, the applications that are well written and thoroughly answer all the questions will have a better chance of receiving funding.
  • The application must be received at least three weeks prior to the start of your trip or event.
    If approved, you will receive an award email notifying you of the amount of your grant.
  • Individual Receipt Form must be turned in no later than 14 days after receiving the check.
    **If the receipt is not turned-in, the student will be on probation for receiving Individual Funding for the next semester.
  • If more than three people are attending a conference through the same organization, please apply for Organization Funding instead.
Who approves my request? The Sustainability Fee Mini-Grant Sub-Committee on a rolling basis.
What can I receive funding for? Registration fees, lodging, gas, printing, postage and necessary supplies.
What can I not receive funding for?

Meals/food, luxury hotel rooms, roommates/family members, telephone calls, hotel services (laundry, valet service, safes, etc.), entertainment (tickets, movies, tours, alcoholic beverages, etc.), registration/workshop or travel costs associated with job interviewing, travel for course/degree requirements (internships, courses taught abroad, or clinical rotations), professional certification exams, travel for networking purposes, or travel which occurred prior to the date the grant was awarded. Absolutely no miscellaneous items.

*If the student is receiving funding from Student Activity Fees, from any other organization, or from any other form or way on campus, then the Sustainability Fee is not able to fund the individual.

Download the CfS Mini-Grant: Individual Funding Request Application HERE.

Group Fund Requests (coming soon)

Last updated: 3/22/2017

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