Center for Sustainability
Georgia Southern University

Residence Hall Recycling Incentive Program

In Fall 2015, the Center for Sustainability teamed up with Housing to launch a residence hall recycling incentive program in all 8 campus residence halls. During Operation Move-In,1-250x215 students  checked out 7 gallon recycling bins for their suites so they can easily recycle in their new home. (Containers are still available through the CL’s in each hall if students did not acquire a bin during OMI.) Residents fill the bins with #1 and #2 plastic, paper, aluminum and other metal as well as corrugated cardboard. They get a stamp on their green recycling cards when they show their full bins to the desk assistant at their clubhouse. Residents then sort and empty their bins at the recycling collection stations throughout their residence halls.  10 stamps earn the suite a prize from the Center for Sustainability. Prizes include pens made from water bottles, grocery bags, reusable lunch containers and tableware,   mugs, water bottles, and more, and for the grand prize, One More Time t-shirts made from plastic bottles.  The goal of this new program is to help residents learn how to live sustainability while living on campus, and to promote sustainable choices starting in the freshman year. We hope these sustainable habits will carry on throughout college and beyond. Georgia Southern residents can help  image1-1-250x188 make Georgia Southern True Blue and Green Too!


Last updated: 2/23/2016

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