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Sustainability Program’s Fellowship Program

The creation of Sustainability Programs’ fellowship program addresses the growing want of students to be more involved in sustainability through direct experience, advocacy, and education. Fellows focus on projects that interest them that affect the sustainability needs of the university. Through this program students develop professional skills that will help them promote sustainability in their future careers. If would you like more information about our fellows program, please contact us at


Sabrina is a junior pursuing a double major in Geography and French, with a concentration in Environmental Sustainability, and a minor in Recreation. She has always been passionate about the environment an dhow humans interact with it. Aspiring to work in the National Park Service, she hopes to make a difference in how we can sustainably cooperate with our land, especially land that is important to our history.


Jose Manual Ramierez is a Biology major. He believes that a greener earth starts with individuals leading more sustainable lives!

Dylan is a Biology major who serves as a fellow for the Center for Sustainability. After he graduates from Georgia Southern, he plans to work in animal conservation and would like to focus on sustainability in wildlife and biodiversity.


Celeste Chapman
Celeste is a Freshmen Theatre major, minoring in writing at the Armstrong Campus of Georgia Southern University. Her first passion is writing as she has been previously published in the New York Times and on the TEDx YouTube channel. Her other passion is attempting to create a positive change throughout the world and society. The CFS Fellowship program sparked this second passion because through learning about how to save the environment and living more sustainable, she wants to use what she learns to one day educate the world.

Past Fellows

Hi, my name is Kelly Patterson! I am from Peachtree City, Georgia and am a sophomore biology major. What first got me interested in sustainability was an environmental class and club in high school. Since then I have been interested in lessening my impact and waste usage. I hope that by joining the CFS team I can educate myself and others on taking progressive steps for a more sustainable environment for our earth and it’s future generations.

My name is Tori Defoe, and I’m a junior Biology major at Georgia Southern. My interests include waste management, species conversation, and reconstruction of various habitats. My love for environmental sustainability has been growing since childhood. I hope to improve our environment, and help the species who live in them.

I was born in Landstuhl, Germany but I grew up in Georgia. I am a senior biology scholar with a minor in chemistry. My goal is to obtain my masters in environmental studies and my PhD then eventually become a scientific researcher. I have always been environmental conscious but I didn’t a lot about sustainability until I came to Georgia Southern. Through the classes I took, the events on campus, and the many activities I had participated in pertaining to sustainability, I have grown to think and be more aware of the impression we have on the environment and the things we need to change. The area that I love to look at is the effect we have on resources such as clean water and air, our wetlands, and the biodiversity of species that we unknowingly need.

I was born in Portugal and moved to Georgia when I was 10. Growing up in America has opened my eyes to many different ways of thinking and living, including veganism. I became vegan around two years ago and have been passionate about animal rights and how the meat industry severely impacts the planet we live in ever since. Veganism has also introduced me to all other aspects of sustainability, and my goal is now to educate myself and others by making it easy to understand and more accessible to everyone. I hope joining the CfS will help me with that.

Last updated: 9/20/2021

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