Center for Sustainability
Georgia Southern University

2012-2013 Fellows

Checo Colón-Gaud, PhD
Assistant Professor, Biology

Dr. Colón-Gaud is a freshwater ecologist with particular interest in promoting the health and conservation of rivers and wetlands. His research centers on understanding the roles of consumers (fish, invertebrates, amphibians) in organic matter processing and associated ecosystem functions in these systems. The animals that live in our rivers and wetlands, particularly the invertebrates, play a crucial role in the decomposition of leaves, the cycling of nutrients, and ultimately in maintaining a clean water source. They are also important sources of food for larger animals such as fish and wading birds. His goal is to promote the conservation and management of freshwater ecosystems through education and research programs in order to preserve the valuable resources they provide. Visit Dr. Colón-Gaud’s website for more information about his research and interests.

David B. Bradley, MS
Instructor, Geology and Geography

By education, David Bradley is a geologist with a focus in tectonics. He has over 6 years of industrial experience working as an engineering geologist for major consulting firms providing ground engineering solutions in the southeastern United States. It was this experience in construction that first peaked his interest in sustainability and led to his practical approach to sustainability focusing on the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. Without all three of these pieces, no project will ever truly be sustainable. Bradley is a big believer in the hands on approach. He continuously encourage participation of students in building small-scale models capable of demonstrating large-scale applications in water, energy, and other resource conservation. He feels strongly that raising awareness and proving concepts are necessary for the public to understand and appreciate these technology advances.

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