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Green Eagle Awards

Green Eagle Awards



The Green Eagle Award for Sustainability honors individuals who exhibit excellence in supporting Georgia Southern’s commitment to sustainability. Such efforts include demonstrating representative practices, sharing solutions, incorporating sustainability into current programs, and implementing innovative ideas. Candidates will be chosen from campus-wide nominations that clearly show an individual’s commitment to go above and beyond to ensure campus sustainability goals. In 2018, the Sustainability Fee Committee will select 1-2 staff, 1-2 faculty/administrators and 1-2 students  each year to be Georgia Southern University’s Green Eagle Award recipients.

2019 Nominations open from February 28- April 1

Green Eagles are students, faculty and staff who exhibit excellence in support of Georgia Southern’s commitment to sustainability. Use the online form to nominate a worthy colleague or student today! (no self-nominations, please). The award ceremony will be Monday April 22, 2019 from 3pm to 5pm at Henderson Library.

Complete the online Green Eagle Award Nomination Form

Eligibility Criteria for a Green Eagle Award

For consideration, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Nominee must currently be staff, faculty or student at Georgia Southern University.
  • Nominee must have a dedicated track record of sustainable actions on campus that are in line with Georgia Southern University’s sustainability initiatives.
  • Nominee must display outstanding leadership and dedication through their involvement in sustainability at Georgia Southern University.
  • Engage others in efforts to advance sustainability in campus operations, culture, and/or academics.
  • Pursue these efforts above and beyond what is expected of them as a student, faculty or employee.
  • Past winners will not be eligible to receive the award. Once a Green Eagle, Always a Green Eagle.

Student (must be in good academic standing)

  • Demonstrated commitment to improving campus/community sustainability.
  • Contributions to sustainability education on campus, or in research and writing.
  • Demonstrated sustainability leadership.


  • Demonstrate a concerted effort in educating students about sustainability principles.
  • Incorporate methods and materials into the curriculum, including current sustainability information, case studies, expert advice on alternative methods and practices used in a particular industry or career path, etc.
  • Facilitate opportunities to learn about procedures that can be implemented to create a more just and sustainable organization, business, or government
  • Build capacity for sustainability on campus through decisions about buildings, space use, departmental infrastructure, etc.


  • Engage the campus community in sustainable practices by educating and encouraging individuals to take actions that reduce commuting emissions, waste, water and energy use, promote health, wellness, human rights and equality.
  • Lead an initiative or project in sustainability of which substantial outcomes occurred.
  • Implement an innovative idea that improves the sustainability of an ongoing operation or activity occurring on campus.

Nomination process

The Center for Sustainability will accept an online nomination from the nominee’s faculty mentor, adviser, staff member, or colleague who is familiar with the nominee’s work. Students, staff and faculty may NOT self-nominate. The nomination should include:

  • Statement describing the nominee’s sustainability role and activities at Georgia Southern University.
  • Statement describing the nominee’s contributions to campus sustainability projects and/or sustainability research.
  • Description of the impact of the nominee’s activities on sustainability initiatives at Georgia Southern University.

Please note: All nominees will be judged on the above criteria and will be judged only on the information provided by the nominator.

Complete the online Green Eagle Award Nomination Form

Congratulations to the winners of Previous Green Eagle AwardsUntitled

2018 winners
Andrew Easterwood
Holly Kight
Kenzel Hill
Jordan Wilburn
Dr. Checo Colon-Gaud

2017 winners
Guy Brandon Hobbs
Alicia Lanier
Steve Watkins
Dr. Carolyn Bryant

2016 winners
Scott Blair
Amber Monroe
James Grigg
Kelly (Durden) Kennedy
Dr. Rachel Eike
Dr. Rami Haddad

2015 winners

Christina Beslin
Mary Samar
Dr. Brent Tharp
Jeffrey Yawn
Rebecca Larson
Dr. Subhrajit Saha

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