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no impact week at georgia southern university virtual event april 5 - 12, 2020

The No Impact Experiment is a one-week carbon cleanse.  It is a chance for you to see what a difference no-impact living can have on your quality of life. It’s not about giving up creature comforts but an opportunity for you to test whether the modern “conveniences” you take for granted are actually making you happier or just eating away at your time and money.

Listen to Colin Bevan- aka No Impact Man – tell you about the No Impact Project
Georgia Southern has the longest running No Impact Week program in the country.

No Impact Week 2020

Welcome to Georgia Southern’s 10th Annual No Impact Week! This week is based on the experience of No Impact Man, Colin Bevan, and his family, who spent a year gradually reducing their environmental impact to almost nothing and learned more about what was important in their lives than they ever expected to.

Sunday, April 5 – Consumption

consumption day

Did you know that 99% of what we harvest, mine, process, and transport ends up in the landfill within 6 months? For consumption day and for the rest of the week, do your best to do more with less, and use the time you would have spent online shopping making new connections instead!


Starting today and for the rest of the week, resist the urge to online shop, and save your money! Only buy what you need.

Follow along in our daily No Impact Week newsletter and we’ll guide you through the week with challenges, information, activities and playlists. Find out what committing to a week of no impact can do for you and your community!

Monday, April 6 – Waste

waste day

Waste Day

Did you know that on average, each American produces more than 4 lbs. of trash every day? Many communities around the country (including Statesboro) are struggling with limited landfill space and send their trash 100+ miles away. This increases transportation cost, fossil fuel use and emissions. But you can often avoid making trash if you plan ahead and think about waste when you are making purchases. Today, and for the rest of the week, we challenge you to get creative and to make no trash (excluding safety protocols required during the COVID-19 pandemic).


We challenge you to not make any trash and to reduce, reuse, and not throw anything away.

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Tuesday, April 7 – Food

Food Day

Food Day of No Impact Week focuses on sustainable food choices. Did you know that the typical American meal travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate? Cut those “food miles” and associated fossil fuel costs by shopping at your local Farmers Market. Your food will be fresher and more delicious, and you will be supporting the local economy too! During social distancing, many farmers markets are doing online ordering, pick-up and delivery. Explore your local options  and commit to eating only sustainable food for the rest of the week.

At this point in the week, you are purchasing nothing new except for food, making no trash, and now, buying sustainable food. Congratulations! You’ve already come a long way in reducing your impact!


Today we ask you to support local businesses and farmer’s markets! Many are offering delivery and pick up orders in response to COVID-19.

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Wednesday, April 8 – Water

Water Day

The average American uses 1,189 gallons of water per day.  Change the way you brush your teeth, water your lawn, wash your dishes, and you can reduce your water footprint by 25%.

Even though we live on a blue planet, the accessible freshwater we need makes up only 3/10 of 1% of the world’s water. Most of our water is salty, frozen or trapped in the soil or atmosphere. Freshwater is precious – don’t let it go down the drain!


Reduce the amount of water you use:
 – Check out our timed shower playlists on Spotify to help reduce your shower times and water waste!  
– Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.  
– If you wash dishes by hand, don’t leave the water running for rinsing.  
– Make sure the dishwasher and the washer/dryer loads are full before running them.

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Thursday, April 9 – Energy

Energy Day

You are now in the homestretch of your carbon cleanse – having examined your trash, food, consumption and water habits, the next lifestyle challenge to tackle is energy.

Did you know that you can save over $100 a year by replacing just 5 incandescent light bulbs in your home with LED’s? That means a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, too. Slow down, power down, unplug, turn off and enjoy the world around you on energy day. Use some of your own energy for a healthier you.


Pick a time in your day to unplug! Step away from the screens and focus on you!

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Friday, April 10 – Transportation

Transportation Day

It’s Transportation Day!
Burn calories, not fossil fuels! 50% of the average American’s trips are within two miles of home, so bike, walk, or carpool (once social distancing is over) if you can! Also, remember that while you are in the drive-thru line or waiting to pick up a friend, idling for longer than 10 seconds uses more fuel than turning your car off and on again.

This year, Transportation Day of No Impact Week focuses on reducing the transportation footprint by biking or walking. Save your public transportation and carpooling for post-pandemic!


Think ahead. If your destination is nearby, consider walking or biking.

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Saturday, April 11 – Giving Back

Giving Back Day Challenge

Wrap up your No Impact Week with Giving Back Day today – plan to do something that has a positive impact on the environment. You can plant a tree, clean up litter in your neighborhood, or practice a random act of kindness. You have worked hard at reducing your negative impact on the earth all week — today, plan to initiate actions that have a positive impact! Pay it forward!  By giving back, you slow down and appreciate what you have.  Challenge yourself today to be charitable, to act in good faith, and to become one with others.


Your challenge is to perform one act of selflessness. Try it and see how it makes you feel! Here are some ideas to get you started:

– Donate Blood
– Deliver meals to the elderly
– Write a thank you card to our essential workers (hospital staff, grocery workers, etc.) and send to your local hospital/grocery store.
– Sew make masks for healthcare workers and others who are at risk.
– Donate non-perishable items to your local food bank. Find your local food bank here
– Volunteer virtually

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Sunday, April 12 – Reflection

Take some time to relax and enjoy with friends (following social distancing protocols) and reflect on your week of a no impact lifestyle. What did you enjoy? What was challenging? What will you keep for the future?

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