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Concentration in Environmental Sustainability

Our 18 credit Interdisciplinary Concentration in Sustainability launched in January 2011, is open to undergraduate students of all majors.

  • 18 Credits.
  • 3 Credits Lower Level (TCGT 1530 Global Sustainability and Innovation, 3 Credits OR a 1000 level Environmental Science course).
  • 12 Credits Upper Level – Choose 3 Upper Level Courses from at Least 2 Different Disciplines from a list of Approved Courses.
  • 3 Credit Capstone – SUST 4730 Practicum in Environmental Sustainability conducted with a faculty member (generally in the home department) and coordinated by the Director of the Center for Sustainability.

Find the requirements for the environmental sustainability concentration in the catalog.

Registering for Courses?

See the list of Environmental Sustainability Concentration courses available for Summer and Fall 2020. *Note that as of April 2, 2020, all summer courses at Georgia Southern, regardless of campus, will be offered online only.

How to Add the Concentration

Interested in registering for the Interdisciplinary Concentration in Environmental Sustainability? Don’t confuse it with the Environmental Studies Minor which you can add through a change of major. Instead, please contact your advisor who can direct you as to how to get you registered for the concentration in Banner (this varies by advisement office). Then sign up for the introductory course, TCGT 1530 Global Sustainability and Innovation or an Environmental Science course to begin your coursework journey towards a Sustainability Concentration.

Sustainability Practicum

What is the Sustainability Practicum (SUST 4730)?

This capstone course is required for the completion of the Concentration in Environmental Sustainability. Students will work with a faculty mentor or internship agency to develop and implement sustainability projects in their field of expertise on campus or in the community. Each project will be developed individually with each student and will require 100 hours for completion of the practicum. Projects will be presented publicly at the end of the semester in a Sustainability forum such as No Impact Week (spring) or GreenFest (fall). The course is offered through the Center for Sustainability at Georgia Southern.

How do I register for it?

You must come to the Biological Sciences office to pick up the paperwork – a green form labeled SUST 4730. The form must be completed by the Director of the Center for Sustainability and signed by your advisor. Turn the form in to Dyana Van Tassell in the Biological Sciences main office to be registered for the course. You cannot register without completing the form.

Be sure to contact the Director of the Center for Sustainability to coordinate your practicum project AT LEAST one semester before you plan to take it.

Abstracts of past practicum projects

Internship Opportunities

Environmental Career Opportunities and Internships – Job and Internship listings in environmental fields

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