Center for Sustainability
Georgia Southern University

Concentration in Environmental Sustainability

Our 18 credit Interdisciplinary Concentration in Sustainability launched in January 2011, is open to undergraduate students of all majors.

  • 18 Credits.
  • 3 Credits Lower Level (TCGT 1530 Global Sustainability and Innovation, 3 Credits OR a 1000 level Environmental Science course).
  • 12 Credits Upper Level – Choose 3 Upper Level Courses from at Least 2 Different Disciplines from a list of Approved Courses.
  • 3 Credit Capstone – SUST 4730 Practicum in Environmental Sustainability conducted with a faculty member (generally in the home department) and coordinated by the Director of the Center for Sustainability.

Find the requirements for the environmental sustainability concentration in the catalog.

Please see the James H. Oliver, Jr., Institute for Coastal Plan Science website here for more information.

Last updated: 12/4/2020

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