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Green Gus with CfS Director Lissa Leege

Welcome to the Center for Sustainability (CfS) at Georgia Southern University. What is Sustainability? Sustainability is often defined as the ability to meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In other words, sustainability requires careful use of our resources, including water, air, energy, biodiversity, soil, etc. so they will be in adequate supply for the foreseeable future. Calculate your ecological footprint to find out if you’re living a sustainable life.

Environmental Sustainability Concentration News

See catalog for concentration requirements.
Spring 2020 Course list now available.

Fall 2019 Calendar Available

Welcome back to a new academic year, Georgia Southern! CfS has an exciting lineup of events for Fall 2019. Make sure to get involved! Mark your calendars for:

17 Environmental Community Cinema – Plastic China

Environmental Community Cinema – Secrets of the Longleaf Pine

Environmental Community Cinema – 10 Billion- What’s on Your Plate?
Georgia Climate Conference (Atlanta)
11 Environmental Community Cinema –Hidden Rivers: film screening with the producer
19 Panel Discussion: The Climate of Social Justice: a conversation about the intersection of climate change and social justice (in partnership with the OMA)


Download your calendar here

All events will take place on the Statesboro campus unless otherwise noted.

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Faculty Resource List Available

CfS (Statesboro campus) offers tours and presentations, grants, films, speakers, programs and much more. Download a list of resources available for Statesboro campus faculty in course planning here.


Online Sign-up for Field Trips and Volunteer Opportunities

Want help make our community more sustainable or participate in a field trip? We need volunteers for tailgate recycling at the home football games! Use our online interface to sign up for our many sustainability opportunities. Click here to sign up
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