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Workshops & Presentations

The Academic Success Center is pleased to offer virtual and in-person workshop opportunities to continue enhancing your academic skill set. All sessions require pre-registration through EAB Navigate. Please refer to details below for offerings and how to register. We hope to see you soon!

Conquering Your Tests

Students will learn how to create a study schedule, the importance of reviewing, test taking skills and moving beyond surface level learning. Students will learn how to apply the Forgetting Curve and Spaced practicing to their everyday studying. With these skills, the student should be able to be more prepared and relaxed when it comes to preparing for any of their tests or exams.

Developing Goals & a Mindset for Success

When it comes to academics, much like many aspects of life, there may be many things that we want to accomplish.  But identifying what is most important, coming up with a strategy to accomplish, and ultimately staying motivated can be a challenge.

In this workshop, we review identifying what you see is most important, use a strategy to make the goals achievable, and ways to stay motivated to learn by having a growth mindset.

Read Less, Understand More

Do you find it difficult to focus or determine what information is important when you read your textbook? Do you reread entire chapters before exams? 

Students will learn how to use active reading strategies to improve comprehension. Students can leverage these techniques to improve concentration, better prepare for class, increase understanding of course material, study more effectively, and create study tools for exams.

Take Notes Like a Pro

This workshop is to introduce students to a variety of different note taking methods and guidelines of what to do before, during, and after classes. During this session we hope that students will learn new note taking methods and how to apply them to their courses.

Take Control of Your Time

Ever find yourself feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day? How is it even remotely possible to balance work, life, family and school while still exceeding in all areas? During this workshop, you will learn about organizing your calendar, prioritizing tasks, and other effective time management strategies. It’s time to spend less time putting out fires every day and more time decreasing stress and developing solid plans for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Quick Tips: Online Success

Quick Tips: Online Success Video

Quick Tips: Time Management

Quick Tips: Time Management video

Quick Tips: Managing Projects and Assignments

Quick Tips: Managing Projects and Assignments

Stress Management with Becca Smith

Stress Management video

Self-Care: A Work-Life Balance with Taylor Hopkins

Sefl-care: A work life balance

Tips & Trick for Test Anxiety with Dr. Lauren Patterson

Tips & Tricks for text anxiety video

Workshop & Presentation Requests

To request a member of the Academic Success Center to present to your group/class, please complete the form below. The ASC staff will work with your group to help facilitate what you may be looking for. We will be in touch soon!

Last updated: 1/18/2022