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Workshops & Outreach

The Academic Success Center is pleased to offer virtual workshop opportunities you can engage with from home while still increasing your academic skill set. All sessions require pre-registration through EAB Navigate. Please refer to details below for offerings and how to register. We hope to “see you” soon!

Critical Reading

Do you find it difficult to focus or determine what information is important when you read your textbook? Do you reread entire chapters before exams?

Students will learn how to use active reading and note-taking strategies to improve comprehension. Students can leverage these techniques to improve concentration, better prepare for class, increase understanding of course material, study more effectively, and create study tools for exams.

Managing Your Time & Goals

Ever find yourself feeling like there isn’t enough time in the day? How is it even remotely possible to balance work, life, family and school while still exceeding in all areas? During this workshop, you will learn about setting goals, prioritizing tasks, and effective time management strategies. It’s time to spend less time putting out fires every day and more time decreasing stress and developing solid plans for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Preparing for Tests & Exams

Do you find yourself procrastinating or not knowing where to start? During this workshop you will learn different strategies on how to plan ahead for your test and exams. 

Students will learn how to create a study schedule, the importance of reviewing, test taking skills and moving beyond surface level learning.  With these skills the student should be able to be more prepared and relaxed when it comes to getting ready to study for any of their tests or exams. 

Strategies for Mastering Any Subject

“We all may be inclined to just “push through” our coursework, but is there a way to strategically plan your work to be more engaged, see growth, and ultimately move towards mastery? Yes, there is!

Using metacognition, students will be able to identify essential aspects of their coursework and self-assess areas of needed improvement (thus targeting effort to those areas). From there, students will use a growth mindset to game-plan how to incrementally move towards mastery.

Outreach/ Presentation Requests

To request a member of the Academic Success Center to present to your group/class, please complete the form below. The ASC staff will work with your group to help facilitate what you may be look for. We will be in touch soon!

Last updated: 5/8/2020