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Microsoft Testing Center

Certiport Authozied Testing Center

Microsoft Testing Center

Statesboro Campus Only

The Microsoft Office Specialist (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, SharePoint, & OneNote) & Microsoft Technology Associates.

The Office of Testing Services offers Georgia Southern University students and the community the opportunity to earn these certification exams through Certiport.

Cost By Exam

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Microsoft Office Certification

Standard Voucher: $92.00 per exam
If testing in more than one area, you must purchase additional exams. The $92.00 covers the exam fee ($75.00) and the proctoring fee.

MOS Retest Voucher: $106.25 per exam
The MOS Retest Voucher options will allow you to retest without purchase a standard voucher. The retest option includes the cost of the exam fee ($90.00) plus the proctoring fee.

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Microsoft Technology Associate

Microsoft Technology Associate is $70.75 per exam. If testing in more than one area, you must purchase additional exams. The $70.75 covers the exam fee (53.00) and proctoring fee.

Purchase a Voucher

Purchase a voucher and pay the proctoring fee at the Office of Testing Services Marketplace.

Scheduling An Appointment

All exams are scheduled by appointment based on availability Monday through Friday between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. Each exam option is 60 minutes. Please contact the Testing Office at 912-478-5415 or through email at to schedule your appointment.

The Office of Testing Services offers all exams administered through Certiport.  Learn more about other certifications at

Plan to validate your skills on the most popular Microsoft Office products … get certified in Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook! You may pay for your test online at the Georgia Southern Marketplace  (Be sure to print your receipt and bring it with you to the test location.)

Learn more about the exams at the following links:

Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft Technology Associates

Practice Materials for Exams

Why get certified?

The Microsoft Office Specialist Certification program specifically targets workplace demand for 2010 Office system skills.  Companies can validate and maximize the value of their 2010 Microsoft Office upgrade by hiring certified individuals.   Certified individuals will be qualified to use the full features of the 2010 Office system, and will be able to complete tasks more easily and deliver results faster.

Benefits of Microsoft Office Certification
Microsoft Office Certification benefits everyone.   It helps you differentiate yourself in a competitive job market, and enables hiring managers to simplify and shorten the hiring process. Corporations get the most out of their technology investment by ensuring their staff has the computing skills to tackle the toughest tasks and projects.

For additional information, please contact:

Testing Office
Georgia Southern University
PO Box 8132
Statesboro, GA  30460-8132

Cone Hall Room 2004
912.478.5415 (phone)
912.478.5988 (fax)

Last updated: 3/8/2021