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Learning Support

The Learning Support Program provides students who have been admitted with less developed skills in reading, composition, and/or mathematics the opportunity to bring those skills up to the competency needed for first-year credit hours.  Students are enrolled in the Learning Support Program based on placement test results according to Board of Regents and Georgia Southern University policies.

According to Board of Regents policies, All non-traditional freshmen must be screened for placement in learning support courses using the ACCUPLACER exam administered by a University System institution and must meet University System criteria for exemption or exit of learning support in reading, English, and mathematics. As an alternative, an institution may allow non-traditional freshmen who have within the past seven years posted SAT scores of at least 500 in both Verbal and Mathematics or ACT scores of at least 21 on both English and Mathematics to exempt the ACCUPLACER placement test.

Students are not allowed to drop any required Learning Support classes.  The only way a student can withdraw from a required Learning Support course is to withdraw from school.

Students who are not required to enroll in a Learning Support course may enroll on a voluntary basis.  They will be expected to participate in the course and take the tests, but they will not be subject to the Learning Support exit requirements. If a student would like to request to opt-in, they must complete the request form here.

While the student may be taking collegiate courses beyond Learning Support, the student’s first obligation is to satisfy Learning Support requirements.  Learning Support students must enroll in the Learning Support class(es) during their first semester and continue to enroll in the Learning Support class(es) until they are satisfied in order to exit the Learning Support Program.  The Academic Success Center provides this clearance.

Students who have earned a maximum of 30 credit hours of college-level credit since starting at Georgia Southern University and have not successfully completed required Learning Support courses may enroll only in Learning Support courses with the corresponding core class.

Learning Support courses carry institutional credit but not credit toward a degree.

Students who apply for or receive financial aid and who are enrolled as Learning Support students will receive the same consideration and awards as any other student.

Learning Support Advisement

The Academic Success Center serves as secondary advisors to all students who are taking Learning Support courses regardless of the student’s major.  Students in Learning Support will receive e-mail communication with-in the first month each semester with instructions on how to get advised and registered for the upcoming semester. Learning Support students do receive early registration while they are in the program; however, registration is completed by Academic Success Center staff since Learning Support students can not register themselves. Students must first be advised by their college academic advisor before meeting with their Learning Support advisor in the Academic Success Center.

Learning Support Welcome Packet


Learning Support Program- Welcome Packet by the ASC

Last updated: 7/30/2021