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GRE Test Preparation

Tips to Prepare:

  1. Treat the GRE as a class and set time aside each day or week to work through the GRE Test Preparation workbooks, websites, or other materials.
  2. If you need assistance with the quantitative portion of the exam, current Georgia Southern students can bring their worksheets or exam books and receive general help through Tutoring located on the first floor of the Library.
  3. For assistance with the qualitative portion of the exam, current Georgia Southern students can seek assistance at the Writing Center on the 2nd floor of the Library.  They can review your sample writing sample.
  4. Set a date to use the paper versions of the GRE and treat the time as an actual exam and go through the exam with time limits.

Some helpful sites to help prepare:

GRE Website: Use the resources available on the GRE website to start reviewing for the exam.  The site offers a wide variety of resource both free and for purchase.  Download the GRE App.

Henderson & Lane Library: Test preparation books are available in the Reference section.  See a librarian at the Reference Desk to check-out the reserved test preparation books.

Georgia Southern Continuing Education: Offers an online test preparation class trough ed2go.  Once on the site search for GRE to see the classes offered.

My Gre Tutor: Offers FREE test preparation for the GRE.  Offers GRE math & verbal practice questions and explanations, full-length computer adaptive tests, a vocabulary tutor, and tutorials and hints.

Khan Academy: Offers general test preparation for several exams and can use the site for specific assistance.

Additional online test preparation is available by searching for GRE Test Preparation.

Last updated: 1/9/2020