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Giving Opportunities: Academic Success Center

Georgia Southern University Academic Success Center supports student’s on the Statesboro, Savannah, and Liberty Campuses through tutoring, testing, educational workshops, success coaching, and peer mentoring program.  By contributing to the Academic Success Center you can pay it forward to help develop today and tomorrow leaders in our community through the scholarships and programming. 

What do our two foundation accounts fund?

Academic Success Center (GS0133) funds the Barbara Bitter Scholarship (a $500 scholarship awarded to a non-traditional student who took learning support classes), student and staff development and recognition activities.  The goal is to increase the scholarship award and award more than one scholarship per year.

The Barbara Bitter Scholarship was established in honor of Barbara W. Bitter, the former head of the Learning Support Department, at Georgia Southern University.  She was a fierce advocate for all students but specifically for returning adults and students who took support classes.  

Tutorial Scholarship (GS0214) provides two $250 scholarships to an Academic Success Center tutor on both the Statesboro and Armstrong Campus who have excelled in their role as a tutor.  The future goal is to award additional scholarships on each campus and increase the scholarship award.

Future Goals include:

  • Increase both the Barbara Bitter Scholarship & Tutorial Scholarship award
  • Add additional scholarship recipients for both scholarships
  • Create a fund to support student’s future testing requirements such as covering full or partial scholarships to take graduate school entrance exams or certification exams.

Last updated: 5/19/2020