Academic Success Center

Division of Academic Affairs

Our Purpose

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is dedicated to providing academic support for all students by fostering positive academic mindset, knowledge of resources, and belonging within the university community.  Towards this purpose, the ASC offers student-centered services in tutoring, mentoring, testing, success coaching, consultations, and workshops.  While the ASC is available for all students, services are also focused on the needs of adult-learners, first generation students, students on academic intervention, and students in the Learning Support program.  The ASC is part of the Division of Academic Affairs.

Learning Goals                             

 Positive Academic Mindset: Students will demonstrate appropriate persistence in working through challenges that includes self-assessment, open-mindedness, adaptability, taking risks, and being proactive.  Students will set priorities for balancing academic and personal life.

Knowledge of Resources: Students will be familiar with and provided equitable access to resources that aid in the setting and achievement of goals, as well as the development of foundational skills in the areas of how to learn, wellness, and coping strategies.  Students will know the choices available to them for achieving their goals and understand the expectations and challenges that come with each choice.

Belonging: Students will be connected and invested in the campus community as a means to support asking for help, collaborating with others, learning from mistakes, and continued motivation toward achieving goals.

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