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Previous Georgia Southern SoTL Mentor Participants


Virginia Rolling
Human Ecology
“Outcomes of incorporating eportfolios into lower-level fashion courses.”
Kasie Alt
“A comparative case study of engagement levels and outcome achievement between site-synchronous, online asynchronous, and face-to-face learning modalities.”


Eric Johnson
Chemistry & Biochemistry
“Implementation of Pop Quizzes as an Inclusive Teaching Tool in General Chemistry.”
Leah Williams
Chemistry & Biochemistry
“Investigating Student Resource Use in Introductory Chemistry Courses.”


Virginia Wickline
“Highlighting Skills in a Psychology Statistics Syllabus: Potential Influences on Students’ Self-Reported Knowledge of Skills.”
Cynthia Massey
Elementary & Special Education
“Analyzing the Effectiveness of a Flipped Instruction Model in an Educator Prep Assessment Course.”
Arpita Saha
Chemistry & Biochemistry
“Transforming an Existing Traditional Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory to Course Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE).” 
Debanjana Ghosh
Chemistry & Biochemistry
“Effectiveness of Creative Chemistry Projects for Learning Concepts in General Chemistry Courses.”


Heidi Eisenreich
Mathematical Sciences
“Using Mindset Activities to Change Preservice Teachers Mindset and Beliefs about Mathematics.”


Tuyin An
Mathematical Sciences
“Incorporating the Dragging Feature of Dynamic Geometry Environments in Teaching and Learning College Geometry.”
Mentor: Jessica Orvis, Chemistry
Nathan Palmer
Sociology and Anthropology
 “What Sociology Students Gain from Sociological Curricula.”
Mentors: Trent Maurer, Human Ecology and Chad Posick, Criminal Justice and Criminology


Peter D. Rogers
Civil Engineering and Construction Management
“Using Lightboard Video Lectures to Improve Student Learning in a Flipped Classroom Environment.”
Mentors: Shainaz Landge, Chemistry and Diana Sturges, Health and Kinesiology
Jinrong Li
Writing and Linguistics
 “Annotated Learner Corpus and the Development of L2 Writing.”
Mentor: Richard Cleveland, Leadership, Technology, & Human Development


Julie C. Garlen
Teaching and Learning
“Pop Culture Praxis: Critical Production as Critical Pedagogy.”
S. Seda Dazkir
School of Human Ecology
 “An Exploration of Student Design Process and Use of Computer Aided Design.”


Richard Cleveland
Leadership, Technology, & Human Development
“Reflection 2.0: Student Mini-Blogging to Enhance Reflection.”
Shainaz Landge
“Incorporation of Molecular Simulation Program to Improve Students’ Understanding in Gas Chromatography Laboratory.”
Aslihan Unal
Teaching and Learning
“Overcoming Challenges of Common Core Implementation Using an Online Tool.”
R. Laine Wilson Harris
“The Effect of Glossary Quizzes on Engagement and Performance in an Undergraduate Business Law Course.”


Moya Alfonso
Community Health
“Photovoice as a Service Learning Reflection Tool: An Innovative Approach to Measuring Students’ Acquisition of Key Community Health Concepts and Skills.”
Nancy Arrington
Teaching and Learning
“Creativity, SoTL, and Early Childhood Education: Examining Pre-service Teachers’ Self-Efficacy for Enhancing Literacy of Diverse Learners through Music.”
John Dobson
Health and Kinesiology
“Capitalizing on the Testing-Effect to Enhance Learning in Kinesiology Classes.”


  • Yasar Bodur, Teaching and Learning
  • Jody Langdon, Health and Kinesiology


  • Lorraine Gilpin, Teaching and Learning
  • Diana Sturges, Health and Kinesiology
  • Adrienne Cohen, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Katt Blackwell-Starnes, Writing and Linguistics

Last updated: 4/4/2023