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About Us

Current/Prospective Students-Athletes

Student-Athlete Services is the office that will provide academic support and development to you throughout your career as a student athlete at Georgia Southern University. We offer a wide range of services that are focused on helping you as the student-athlete be successful in the classroom and help prepare for life after college. We work with coaches, campus faculty and staff, as well as the athletics department to provide you with the tools you need to be successful in your career after you leave Georgia Southern University.

Weekly Meeting

All incoming students will meet with your advisor weekly to go over the following things:

  • Recent Grades
  • Upcoming Assignments
  • Time Management
  • Study Tips

Study Hall

  • Mandatory for all incoming students ( 8 hours for all incoming Freshmen)
  • Monitored environment
  • Computers available for student use, with free printing
  • Hours are based on GPA and semester performance

Progress Reports

  • 3 times a semester a report will be sent to teachers to get feedback on how each student is doing in their class
  • Hard copied progress reports will be sent out to teachers that do not respond

Travel Letters

  • Given to students to provide to professors at beginning of each semester
  • Includes days that class will be missed

Eagles in Transition

Helps students prepare for life after graduation Includes programs such as:

  • Resume Boot Camp (Help develop a resume)
  • Mock Interview night
  • Fashion Show (Shows students how to dress for interviews and daily work)

Academic Recognition 

Students that achieve success in the class room will be recognized in a variety of ways:

  • Scholar Athlete Recognition night (once during fall and once during spring)
  • Talon-Ted Award winner (1 student athlete a month will get recognized)
  • Scholar-Athlete Banquet (Dinner and awards for those who excel in the classroom)

Priority Registration

Student athletes are allowed to enroll in classes prior to the rest of the student body. This allows students to get the classes they need at times that do not interfere with practice.

Last updated: 1/13/2021