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Fostering Critical Thinking in the University Classroom

May 13 & May 14, 2019

Fostering Critical Thinking in the University Classroom

Dr. Gerald Nosich

The Foundation for Critical Thinking

One of the main goals of instruction is to help students internalize the most central concepts within disciplines and to learn to think through the content and questions in everyday life using those concepts. Following the guiding question “How can I help my students learn to think more critically in classes, in their disciplines, and in their lives outside the classroom?” this two-day workshop focuses on the most central concepts and processes that students need to develop in order to think more critically, clearly, and accurately in a way that is more relevant to the topic or issue.

Dr. Gerald Nosich is a noted authority on critical thinking and has given more than 250 workshops on all aspects of teaching critical thinking. Since the mid-1980s he has become committed to teaching critical thinking across the curriculum. He is convinced that the only way for students to learn a subject matter is to think their way through it. He is the author of Reasons and Arguments. His second book, Learning to Think Things Through: A Guide to Critical Thinking Across the Curriculum, has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic.

Faculty members engaged in comprehensive curriculum review will directly benefit from the information, insights, and activities included in this workshop.

Faculty members who attend will receive credit toward the Certificate for Enriching Students’ Writing and Thinking in the Discipline.

  • Location
    • Statesboro: Nessmith-Lane Ballroom A & B
  • Date
    • May 13 and May 14, 2019
  • Time
    • 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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