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Think in Ink
Georgia Southern University


What does Georgia Southern! Eagles! Write! Write! Write! mean for you?

  • It does not mean just “more writing.”
  • It does mean engaging in writing as a process, to sharpen your ideas, and develop you as a writer in your chosen field of study.
  • It does mean writing that prepares you for the demands of graduate school and the workplace – writing that is relevant to you!

What do potential employers, hiring Georgia Southern’s graduates, say about effective writing?

“Writing is important to every aspect of employment at our company. It is the first impression made on our clients and customers so it is imperative that staff have exceptional writing skills as a base requirement for their positions.”

“Good writing skills and communication skills can often rise above a particular skillset. So, if an employee is a good writer and an effective communicator [they] may be promoted before another employee of similar or even greater skill because typically writing denotes someone who is willing to pay attention to details.”

Fall 2015 Employer Survey

The following results are a part of a larger survey collected from employer representatives by the Office of Career Services at the Fall 2015 Eagle Expo Career Fair:

Is your program participating?

See the “Program” tab above for the complete list of programs and courses. Talk to your advisor about courses and course sequence to get the most out of Write!!!

How can you get involved?

Programs are assisted by Writing Fellows, students who stand out as strong writers in their fields of study.  These Fellows serve as peer tutors and liaisons between Writing Enrichment Faculty and students, to ensure that all students get the most from Write!!!

Writing Fellows will be appointed through a competitive process each academic year.  More details about the commitment, application requirements, and submission deadlines may be found here.

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