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Student Writing Fellows and Resources

Student Writing Fellow Consultations
  1. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the following example form to create a copy for your fellow(s) and courses.
  2. Here is a spreadsheet that can be filled out:
Student Writing Fellows
Other Resources

Preparing Faculty, Professionalizing Fellows: Keys to Success with Undergraduate Writing Fellows in WAC, Emily Hall and Bradley Hughes, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The WAC Journal, Volume 22 (November 2011)

What Difference Do Writing Fellows Programs Make?, Dara Rossman Regaignon and Pamela Bromley, Pomona College
The WAC Journal, Volume 22 (November 2011)

Links to Current Writing Fellows Programs
The WAC Clearinghouse

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Special Issue — Rewriting across the curriculum: Writing Fellows as agents of change in WAC    In this special issue, the contributing authors explored the complexity of Writing Fellows programs that were embedded in writing, disciplinary knowledge,  peer collaboration/mentoring, and role negotiation. The papers such as Cairns and Anderson (2008) provide empirical evidence to demonstrate the protean shape of the writing associate’s role.

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