Quality Enhancement Plan
Georgia Southern University

Demonstrating Teaching Effectiveness through Course Reflection


PSYC 4630 Senior Seminar 

SPAN 2002 Intermediate Spanish 

Course Reflection Template:
 Recommended:  (new!)   Complete Online
  • This will allow you to complete the report template in your web browser. It will be emailed to you once you complete it.
  • This is being made available to try and streamline efforts as much as possible by allowing you to simultaneously send a copy to the QEP while keeping one for your records in case you need to provide it to other colleagues and to include in annual reports as evidence of effective teaching.
Optional: Complete as a (new!)  Word document
  • This option allows you to download the template as a Word document using the link above.
  • You can upload the final document and any related appendices here or email them to qep@georgiasouthern.edu.

Last updated: 5/2/2018

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