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Think in Ink
Georgia Southern University

Information for New Programs

Participating programs commit to:

  • Including writing-enriched SLOs in its program’s SLOs which align with Think in Ink
  • Offering three courses:
    • At least two of the three courses are required courses; ideally, all should be required.
    • Two courses should be sequential (sophomore to junior, etc.).
  • Should a program not be able to accommodate the two-course sequence given the nature of the program’s plan of study, exceptions can be approved by the QEP Director and/or the Implementation Committee.
  • Including all sections of multiple-section courses in the initiative.
  • Assessing both Think in Ink SLOs in its annual program assessment cycle by using at least two writing-enriched assignments:
    • SLO 1:
      • Individual faculty members evaluate students’ work using their own program-level rubric;
      • A team from the program review a sampling from the last assignment from all sections of the course(s) taught.
    • SLO 2:
    • Individual faculty members track students’ engagement in process-writing in each course (method selected by the program).
  • Contributing to the university-level assessment process by:
    • Providing two Writing Enriched assignments to qepassessment@georgiasouthern.edu by appropriate deadlines; and,
    • A faculty representative from the Think in Ink courses participating in the summer university-level assessment retreat, on a rotating basis.

Last updated: 11/8/2018

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