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Think in Ink
Georgia Southern University

Information for New Faculty

Writing Enrichment Faculty are a group of self-identified faculty with a strong commitment to the integration and enhancement of writing in the classroom as a method for furthering student learning and preparing students for the demands of the workplace and/or graduate school.

  • Using strategies developed during the summer Think in Ink retreats, these faculty will enrich their classes through the incorporation of instructional strategies intended to foster enhancement of writing.
  • In addition to incorporating methods designed to enhance writing and thinking in the disciplines, faculty will incorporate process-writing, which may include collaborations, reflection, and multiple drafts.
  • Faculty will also include assignments in upper-level courses that prepare students for the demands of the workplace and/or graduate school.
  • As part of their roles, Writing Enrichment Faculty commit to the following:
    • developing program SLOs that align with Think in Ink outcomes in collaboration with other Writing Enrichment Faculty from the program
    • developing a program-level rubric, also collaboratively, which will be applied to at least two  assessment writing assignments in each Writing Enriched course and section
    • attending QEP Writing Enrichment Retreats, or be represented by a colleague teaching the same Writing-Enriched course who will share the relevant material
    • applying and documenting selected techniques and strategies learned in the Writing Enrichment retreats in each course/section taught
    • participating in professional development opportunities throughout the academic year, to include sessions with the Writing Center Director to enhance Writing Fellow effectiveness, if a Student Writing Fellow is assigned
    • collaborating with other Writing Enrichment Faculty in and beyond their programs at workshops and sessions offered through the Centers for Teaching and Technology
    • providing or uploading student artifacts for evaluation and assessment purposes
    • working with Student Writing Fellow(s), if assigned to them
    • participating in Think in Ink program-level assessment and follow-through
    • attending monthly meetings with College Writing Leaders
    • discussing in these monthly meetings strategies they have incorporated and if they appear to be working
  • The Writing Enrichment Faculty also will be invited to participate in university-level assessment where student essays are scored during summer assessment retreats.

Last updated: 11/9/2018

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