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Think in Ink
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Call for Assignment Proposals: Student Think in Ink Award of Distinction

A call for assignment proposals for the student Think in Ink award for Distinction in Critical Thinking/Problem Solving/Writing

This award should provide credible evidence to employers that these student award recipients are ready for the thinking and writing expected of employees beyond entry-level employment. The Distinction award will be open to students who have completed the second Think in Ink course and have been recommended by a Think in Ink faculty member (WEF) to apply.

Please consider developing an assignment/project students will research, plan, and write that is consistent with expectations and requirements of alumni in their chosen fields of work. The assignment should demonstrate problem solving (analysis, synthesis, and augmentation) in a professionally relevant context with a clear audience and purpose. Students will have two terms (approximately equivalent to a one hour course) to complete these non-specific course assignments/projects outside of their courses and may receive minimal guidance from faculty, alumni, industry representative or Career and Professional Development staff, while demonstrating self-direction. Because the Distinction award should be meaningful to employers as well as students, we prefer that potential employers review these assignments/projects and are able to make suggestions. Final products will be evaluated by two faculty members, one in the field and one outside the field.  We are also hoping that in some cases, students might be able to submit their work during the Undergraduate Research Symposium in the spring.

In crafting your assignment that will provide credible evidence to employers, please include the following:

  • the context of workplace
  • appropriate audience
  • purpose in the assignment
  • deliverables that an employer might require

Because we are hoping to launch this award in the fall, we hope to have a selection of these assignments from a range of fields from which to choose at the beginning of the Fall 2019 term.

Tentative timeline:

  • Submission of draft assignment
    • May 20, 2019
  • Feedback on draft assignment
    • June 3, 2019
  • Submission of final assignment
    • Prior to Fall 2019

Expectations for faculty:

  • Faculty who draft an assignment are not required or expected to provide additional guidance to students who participate in the program
  • Faculty who submit assignments are not obligated to review completed student assignments/projects
  • Assignment will not be connected in any way to the faculty author

Minimal guidance may be provided by faculty, alumni, industry representative or Career and Professional Development staff such as:

  • Clarifying the expectations of the assignment/project
  • Talking to students about expectations in the workplace
  • Providing limited feedback on the content and clarity of the assignment/project

Submission process: Please Complete The Submission Form Here

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