Quality Enhancement Plan

Georgia Southern University

What is the Georgia Southern QEP?

Georgia Southern! Eagles! Write! Write! Write! (Write!!!) offers an exciting opportunity for Georgia Southern University to enhance effective writing skills in sophomore, junior, and senior students through (1) promoting and supporting a recursive writing process in the discipline that leads to students being able to transfer these skills to the workplace and beyond; (2) ensuring that both faculty and students have the support necessary to teach and learn effective writing skills; and (3) heightening a campus-wide effective writing culture based on argumentation, analysis, and synthesis. As the culture of writing is enhanced across all programs, students in all disciplines will gain a competitive advantage in their education, as many employers seek graduates with strong writing skills.

How Does it Work?

Georgia Southern! Eagles! Write! Write! Write! provides faculty with the resources to encourage the visible and organized expansion of writing work already underway on campus. Consistent with the scholarship of best practices in writing, this QEP topic helps Georgia Southern enrich its overall institutional quality, incorporating the reciprocal/integral relationship between writing and critical thinking, careful analysis, corroboration through evidence, and an emphasis upon individualized feedback.

We are very excited to introduce Georgia Southern! Eagles! Write! Write! Write!

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