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Pre-Health Professional Programs at Georgia Southern University provides a central point-of-contact for students interested in attending health professional school after earning a bachelor’s degree. Specifically, we serve students interested in pursuing dentistry, medicine, optometry, pharmacy, physician assistant and veterinary medicine. It is important to note that Pre-Health Professional Programs are not majors, but rather a compilation of courses and experiences to prepare students for next steps in their health career journey.

There is no “one size fits all” solution, as curriculum is based on each student’s academic preparation and career goals. Prerequisite courses are determined and required by the health professional schools; while most health professional schools have a set list of prerequisite courses that are required for admission, there can be great variability in how the courses are laid out in a four-year curriculum. We encourage students to seek out and familiarize themselves with the prerequisite requirements of their intended health professional school(s), as requirements may vary.

What should my major be?

Choosing a major is a highly personal decision, and those who excel academically in college are most often those students who select majors they truly enjoy. For students who enjoy and excel in the sciences, choosing a major in that area may be the right decision for that student. On the other hand, if a student has other interests and talents, then s/he should feel confident in pursuing a non-science major as a pre-health student. Students do not need to major in science to do well on the MCAT or be admitted to health professional school. Professional schools evaluate achievement in required prerequisites, regardless of major. Our best advice: we recommend for students to choose a major they enjoy and in which they will excel.

Overall grade point average is an important criterion used by professional schools in their selection process. While finishing a college degree is required by most health professions schools, completing a major requires many additional courses beyond the minimal listed for admittance into a health professional program. Georgia Southern Pre-Health students will receive assistance from our office for their intended professional program, but all students should consult with their Academic Advisor each semester for advisement on their chosen degree program.

Competitive Grade Point Average

A competitive Grade Point Average (GPA) is essential when considering a career in the health field. Students must maintain a competitive GPA to remain in the Pre-Health Program. Our experience is that students with a lower GPA are, unfortunately, not competitive. Note that most schools will expect applicants to maintain higher Grade Point Averages than these listed below:

Last updated: 7/6/2020