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Tenure Track and Non-Tenure Track Faculty Positions

Thank you for your interest in Georgia Southern University! To help us comply with federal data collecting requirements, we ask that you take a moment to download and complete the AA/EO Data Request Card for each search to which you have applied. This form is located at, under the “Forms” tab, and labeled “AA/EO Data Request Card.” Completed forms are automatically entered into a Google spreadsheet, are not used in any employment decisions, and will not affect your candidacy. Thank you again for your interest and help!!

Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies
Graduate Studies 67702 Assistant/Associate Dean SB 1/30/2020 Dr. Ashley Walker
Parker College of Business
Dept Search # Rank/Discipline Closing Date Search Chair
Management 67750 Lecturer of Management SB 2/24/2020 Dr. Steven Charlier
Marketing 67751 Lecturer of Marketing SB 2/25/2020 Dr. Michael Thomas
Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing
Dept Search # Rank/Discipline Closing Date Search Chair
Computer Science 67701 Department Chair and Professor SB 12/1/2019 Dr. Andres Carrano
Computer Science 67703 Assistant Professor of Computer Science (2 positions) SB 2/10/2020 Dr. Lixin Li
Information Technology 67705 Assistant Professor (3 positions) SB 1/1/2020 Dr. Hayden Wimmer
Electrical Engineering 67707 Lecturer of Electrical Engineering SB 1/13/2020 Dr. Salman Siddiqui
Civil Engineering and Construction 67709 Instructor of Construction SB 3/1/2020 Dr. Celine Manoosingh
Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health
Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health 67689 Dean and Professor SB Immediately Dr. Barry Joyner
College of Education
Curriculum, Foundations, and Reading 67714 Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology SB 1/6/2020 Dr. Marlynn Griffin
Curriculum, Foundations, and Reading 67716 Assistant Professor of Educational Research SB 1/20/2020 Dr. Cordelia Zinskie
Leadership, Technology, and Human Development 67719 Assistant Professor of Counselor Education SB 1/6/2020 Dr. Richard Cleveland
Leadership, Technology, and Human Development 67717 Assistant Professor of School Psychology SB 1/15/2020 Dr. Terry Diamanduros
Leadership, Technology, and Human Development 67722 Clinical Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, P-12 SB 1/24/2020 Dr. Ellen Whitford
Elementary and Special Education 67715 Assistant Professor of Elementary Mathematics Education (2 positions) SB 1/21/2020 Dr. Scott Beck
Elementary and Special Education 67723 Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction in Elementary Social Studies Education SB 1/21/2020 Dr. Katie Brkich
Elementary and Special Education 67721 Assistant Professor of Birth-Kindergarten Teacher Education SB 1/21/2020 Dr. Allison Jackson
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Criminal Justice and Criminology 67728 Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology (4 positions) SB 1/6/2020 Dr. Jon Grubb
Human Ecology 67732 Assistant Professor of Fashion Merchandising and Apparel Design SB 1/13/2020 Dr. Beth Myers
Human Ecology 67735 Lecturer of Interior Design (2 positions) SB 1/13/2020 Dr. Alice Hall
Human Ecology 67738 Clinical Instructor of Birth-Kindergarten Teacher Education SB 1/20/2020 Dr. Dina Walker-DeVose
Psychology 67730 Assistant Professor of Psychology SB 1/15/2020 Dr. Janie Wilson
Psychology 67733 Assistant Professor of Psychology SB 1/15/2020 Dr. Ty Boyer
Psychology 67736 Lecturer of Psychology SB 1/15/2020 Dr. Joshua Williams
College of Science and Mathematics
Geology and Geography 67724 Assistant Professor of Geography SB 1/15/2020 Dr. Wei Tu
Geology and Geography 67726 Lecturer of Geology SB 1/15/2020 Dr. Jacque Kelly
Biology 67725 Assistant Professor of Ecology SB 2/1/2020 Dr. Jamie Roberts
University Libraries
University Libraries 67700 Head of Reference and Instruction and Assistant/Associate Professor SB 1/30/2020 Ms. Beth Burnett

Last updated: 1/27/2020

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