Traveling Exhibit Rentals

The Georgia Southern Museum is proud to offer six traveling exhibits available to rent. These include one Major Interdisciplinary Irish Murals Exhibit, “From Protest to Peace: Murals by the Bogside Artists” and five intriguing and convenient flat-art exhibits. Details for each of these traveling exhibits are separately described below.

For more information on traveling exhibits, please contact:
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Created in cooperation with the Georgia Southern University Honors Program, Center for Irish Studies, Museum, and the Bogside Artists.

APPROPRIATE FOR: Those interpreting Art, Irish History, Conflict Studies, Civil Rights. Displays nicely in Small Galleries, Libraries, Visitors Centers, Civic Spaces, and Festivals with indoor space of approximately 1,200 square feet.

COST: $3000 Rental Fee plus round-trip shipping and insurance for eight weeks, with extensions possible.

From Protest To Peace: Murals by the Bogside Artists

TravelExh.IrishMuralExh.smForweb Three muralists from Derry known as The Bogside Artists have created eleven stunning murals depicting key events in the recent troubled history of their country. The group continues the Northern Irish tradition of murals as vehicles for social commentary, using their murals as tools to advance the peace and reconciliation process in Northern Ireland. These eleven murals and a photo of the Free Derry Corner have been digitally reproduced and formatted on visually striking fabric panels for exhibit. Each mural panel includes a separate descriptive label on stand. Six freestanding interpretive panels and one introductory panel also accompany this exhibit along with The Bogside Artists 25-minute documentary on DVD.


APPROPRIATE FOR: Small Galleries, Libraries, Visitors Centers, Civic Spaces, Festivals

COST: $3000 For 1 Year of Exhibits or $750 PER EXHIBIT/90 DAY LEASE

  • These flat-art exhibits are easy to install with household hardware and come with complete introductory and credit panels.
  • Each exhibit is packed, crated, weighed and measured for easy shipping and return.
  • Economical 90-day leases are easy on the budgets of small galleries and public spaces.
  • One year of quality educational exhibits for your public space, just $3,000 plus shipping.
Captured But Not Caught

TravelExh.captured Award winning photography of native plants and animals by Dr. Sturgis McKeever. 24 matted and framed large-format photographs, 5 larger-than-life poster images, full introductory text panels.

Impressions of Ireland

TravelExh.Impressionsireland Ireland – the land and the people – William J. Ryan offers through his enhanced photography a fresh and unique experience of the green isles. Rich colors, intriguing characters, ancient foundations; thirty five stunning, large-format photographs.

Convincing the Nation

TravelExh.convincing How do you convince a nation to support a war effort? The draft, rationing, gardening, military production – this collection of authentic 1940’s posters has a lot to say! Twenty-two framed posters. Seventeen educational panels.

A Land Nearby

TravelExh.landnearby Dr. Curt Hames, Jr., Georgia Southern University physician, has photographed Georgia’s barrier islands in a stark and elegant style. This collection of twenty large-format photographs captures the timeless natural beauty of Georgia’s pristine marshes and beaches.

African Art

TravelExh.africanartloan This exhibit is a photographic record of objects hosted at the museum fall, 2004. These posters explore utilitarian designs, representations of the natural world, and abstract expressions of spirituality in a striking array of photographs and descriptive text. Diverse cultures from across Africa speak to us through these beautifully crafted creations.

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