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From our 30-foot long mosasaur skeleton to the modern Gray’s Reef, come discover the natural history of coastal Georgia from the time of the dinosaurs to today! We offer hands-on, interactive programs about fossils, paleontology, and the natural world for the following age groups:

T. Rex & Company (PreK — 2nd Grade)
This program begins with a show and tell presentation of various fossils. Students get a chance to become paleontologists by finding their own fossils in the “dig pits” and traveling through a tunnel that “feeds” the mosasaur.

Fossil Hunters (2nd — 4th Grade)
This program includes a short lecture about how fossils are formed and a show and tell presentation of different types of fossils. The students will learn about the different eras in which the fossils are derived and become paleontologists who dig for these fossils.

Cretaceous Survivor (4th — 8th Grade)
This program features a game of elimination in which students become different organisms from 65.5 million years ago. Through process of elimination, students figure out why their organism went extinct and different elements that make organisms go extinct.

Hall of Natural History Overview (6th Grade — Adult)
This program is an overview of the contents in the Hall of Natural History that date back to 100 million years ago. Students receive a short lecture about the fossils that are in this hall and then get a chance to participate in a scavenger hunt.

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