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Our Native American programs make use of the museum’s extensive collection of Native American materials and focus particularly on the Cherokee and Creek nations. Each program is hands-on and interactive:

First Families (PreK — 2nd Grade)
Students will participate in an interactive show and tell presentation that will discuss the ways in which Native Americans farmed and hunted their own food, how clothing was made, the different houses that were inhabited, and the roles children played in the daily life of a Native American. Students will also get a chance to compare the Native Americans from long ago to the Native Americans of today and learn the concept of keeping traditions.

Native Americans of Georgia (2nd — 4th Grade)
Students will be given an interactive presentation about the differences in men’s and women’s roles in Native American society.

Native Americans of North America (4th — 8th Grade)
Students will learn about the Native Americans who lived in the six different regions of the U.S. by participating in a show and tell presentation.

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