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Help your students learn about economics! Our economics programs introduce the concept of trading and productive resources to children of all ages and shows how economics impacts their lives. All programs are presented as interactive games in which all students participate. Offered for:

Producers of Goods and Services (PreK — 2nd Grade)
Students will learn to describe the work that people do and identify goods that people make and services that people provide for each other.

Georgia Trek (2nd — 6th Grade)
This program explores the different dimensions of trading. Students will learn about raw materials, natural resources, importing, exporting, and finished goods. Students will be put into groups and will learn how trading occurs within different regions.

Productive Resources (2nd — 6th Grade)
Throughout this program students will learn about the four types of productive resources: natural, human, capital, and entrepreneurship and how productive resources are used to produce goods and services.

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