Grab Bags for School Tours

Grab Bags for School Tours [Currently not available]

Reserve Grab Bags in advance – Great for our younger visitors!
pdfPrint the form and FAX to the Museum (912.478.0729) at least two weeks before your field trip.

Museum Welcome 50¢
includes: 1 fish eraser, 1 dino prism sticker, 2 small marbles, and 1 marble shooter

All About the Museum $1
includes: 1 Museum pencil, 1 spiny dinosaur ball, 1 dino prism sticker, and 1 dino eraser

Native American $2
includes: 1 Indian style slap bracelet, 1 page Native American stickers, and 1 Museum pencil

Natural History $2
includes: 2 stretch dinos, 4 dino tattoos, 1 dino pencil, 2 dino erasers, and 1 dino stencil tracer

Geography $2

includes: 2 international flag stickers, 1 foreign currency, 1 Chinese yo-yo (flipstick), and 1 squeezy Earth globe key chain

Deluxe Space Bag $3
Includes: 1 non-sharpening space pencil, 1 mini spaceship, 1 star glider, 1 space hologram sticker, and 1 glow celestial object

Museum Overview $5
includes: 1 page Native American stickers, 2 stretch dinos, 1 bamboo flute, 1 Museum pencil, 1 star glider, 1 Chinese yo-yo (flipstick), and 1 dino eraser

We’ll bag treasures by teacher for distribution at the end of the day. Some Grab Bag contents may substituted with an item of equal or greater value if an item is out-of-stock.

Last updated: 3/19/2018

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