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Legislative Internship Program Overview

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Participation in a legislative internship will offer students a well-rounded educational opportunity to complement traditional classroom learning while also immersing them in the unique, political, intellectual and cultural atmosphere of the Georgia State Capitol or Washington, D.C. This experience is for any graduate or undergraduate student seeking practical learning to complement their degree.

Selection for an internship position is based on academic standing and potential to positively represent Georgia Southern University as indicated by grades, work experiences, extracurricular activities, interests and maturity.

The internship process is competitive and can be lengthy. Offices where students are placed have different deadlines and often times make decisions over several months. There are two possible rounds of interviews for each application. The first is on campus with the Georgia Southern committee and the second is with the potential internship office staff.

Application Deadlines

  • Spring Internships: October 28
  • Summer Internships: February 15
  • Fall Internships: April 15
Internship Spotlight: Jasmyn Bell, Senior Summer 2019, Political Science