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Between Carnival & Calypso


Join Drs. Christopher Brown and Matthew Flynn on a 10-day journey through the Caribbean state of Trinidad & Tobago.  Learn about the country by exploring its multicultural heritage, the continued presence of a past mired in slavery, environmental conservation efforts, and modern social and urban pressures.  Students will enroll in this course for the Spring 2018 term and complete an experiential component during the Spring Break.

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Course Options:
Students have the opportunity to earn and must be enrolled in 3 credit hours to participate on this program during the Spring 2018 term.  Students should plan attend class during the semester at all scheduled times.  Students can choose from either of the following:
INTS 2090s – Between Calypso & Carnival: Multiculturalism and Development (3)
INTS 3090s – Between Calypso & Carnival: Multiculturalism and Development (3)
SOCI 3094s – Issues in Caribbean Development (3)
SOCI 7091s – Issues in Caribbean Development (3)

These courses can be applied to the major, minor, electives, or significant international content course requirement.

Students should be in good academic standing at the time of application, with no active disciplinary record.  All students must be fully admitted to the institution, and at least 18 years of age by the program departure date.

Dates of Program:
March 9– March 18, 2018 (Spring 2018 Term)

Program Cost:
Includes: All regional and local transportation; lodging for the duration of the program; welcome and farewell dinners; 5 lunches; group barbecue/cookout; required tours and excursions; weekend excursions; and mandatory insurance coverage.

Additional Costs: Georgia Southern tuition & fees for 3 credit hours of course enrollment, airfares; additional meals beyond those provided, incidental expenses and souvenirs.

Nature and Purpose of the Program:
The 10-day trip will be based on the island state of Trinidad & Tobago, and island state in the Caribbean which illustrates the variety of historical factors that influence the region’s development challenges today.  The country hosts a population of 1.3 million, divided between the two islands.  Students will travel and study in Trinidad & Tobago while utilizing historic sites, guest lectures, and multicultural spaces to gain first-hand perspectives about plantation economies, modern capitalism, and ethnic divisions and integration tactics.  They will learn about and understand how states rely upon the natural environment to facilitate development strategies in underdeveloped and emerging economies.

Example Excursions and Activities:

  • Tour of Historic Port-of-Spain and surrounds
  • Visits to the Sugar Heritage Village and Fifth Company to understand sugar cane agriculture
  • Meeting with representatives from the United Nations Development program and U.S. Department of State
  • Buccoo Reef Conservation Trust to learn about eco-tourism ventures
  • Hiking along coastal nature trails
  • Group barbecue and cookout

Application and Payment Schedule:

(Students may submit applications up until 1/10/2018 but are responsible for all payments due up to the date that the application is submitted when they turn in the application.)

Program Application and $400.00 Program Deposit: Due November 27, 2017  
1st Program Payment of $619.50.00: Due December 11, 2017
2nd Program Payment of $519.50 + $15.00 mandatory insurance coverage cost: Due January 8, 2018

All payments should be made through the Georgia Southern Studies Abroad “Trinidad & Tobago International Studies Abroad” Marketplace webpage.

Refund information:
Once accepted to the program, all deposits and program payments are non-refundable.


Submit applications to any of the locations listed at the top of the application form.  Applications can also be sent through campus mail to Int’l Programs & Services at P.O. Box 8106.

Have questions or need more information?  Please contact:
Dr. Christopher Brown, Department of Political Science & International Studies –
Dr. Matthew Flynn, Department of Sociology & Antropology,
Ms. Emilee Carr, Study Abroad Advisor, Office of International Programs & Services –

Last updated: 2/6/2018