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Solar Eclipse in Chile



Course Options:
Students have the opportunity to earn and must be enrolled in 6 credit hours with their home institution.  Students can choose from the following:

ASTR 1010- Introduction to the Solar System (3)
ASTR 1211- Astronomy Lab (1)
ASTR 5090- Special Topics (3)
CHEM 3000- Special Topics in Chemistry: Geochemistry and Astrochemistry (3)
HIST 1111- World History I (3)
HIST 3990- Selected Topics: History of Chile (3)
PHYS 5090- Selected Topics(3)
SCIE 1000- Introduction to Scientific Inquiry (3)

Students should possess at least a 2.5 institutional GPA at the time of application, with no active disciplinary record.  All students must be fully admitted to the institution, and at least 18 years of age by the program departure date.

Dates of Program:
June 26– July 18, 2019 (Summer Term B)- Classes may have required meetings scheduled outside the listed dates of travel, throughout the Term B semester.

Program Cost:
Includes:  Round-trip airfare to the Chile; All regional and local transportation; lodging for the duration of the program; tour and excursion fees; and a medical travel insurance plan.

Additional Costs: Meals and food not covered by program; incidental and personal expenses.

Application and Payment Schedule:

Program Application and $300.00: Due January 15, 2019
1st Program Payment of $1,500.00: Due February 14, 2019
2nd Program Payment of $1,260.00: Due March 15, 2019
3rd Program Payment of $1,260.00 + $40.00 mandatory travel insurance fee: Due April 15, 2019

All payments should be made through the Georgia Southern Studies Abroad “Solar Eclipse in Chile” Marketplace webpage.*0

Refund information:
Once accepted to the program, all deposits and program payments are non-refundable.

Have questions or need more information?  Please contact:
Dr. Clifford Padgett, Program Director, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry –
Ms. Donna Mullenax, Program Director, Department of Physics –
Office of International Programs & Services –

Last updated: 2/15/2019