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Online BIS Curriculum

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Online) (124 hours)

Students will have flexibility in choosing from a wide variety of upper-division courses in these areas of study each semester.

Minor Available fully onlineConcentration Available fully onlineNotes
Applied LinguisticsYesNoStarting Fall 23
EnglishYesYesStarting Fall 23
FrenchYesYesModern Languages require significant pre-requisite hours – consult with your Academic Advisor
GermanYesYesModern Languages require significant pre-requisite hours – consult with your Academic Advisor
GerontologyYesNoStarting Fall 23
Health Education and PromotionNoYesStarting Fall 23
Human Development and Family ScienceNoYesStarting Fall 23
Instructional TechnologyYesNo
Irish StudiesYesYes
Justice StudiesYesYes
LiteratureNoYesStarting Fall 23
Nonprofit ManagementYesYesplease see this page for course name changes that began Fall 2020 CLICK HERE
Public AdministrationYesYes
Public PolicyYesYes
SpanishYesYesModern Languages require significant pre-requisite hours – consult with your Academic Advisor
Women's, Gender and Sexuality StudiesYesNo

The CORE consists of Area A1 through area E plus 4 Additional Georgia Southern University credit hours. The CORE requirements are listed in the Georgia Southern catalog.

  • Area F classes are lower than 3000 level and are related to the CORE:
    • For example: ENGL, SOCI, HIST or FORL 1000-2000 level.
  • Area F classes can be related to the Major as well like:
    • A SOCI or PBAD 1000-2000 level for those with a Sociology or Public Administration concentration or minor.

Consult with your Academic Advisors for more details.

The Online BIS program map gives an idea of the pathway from entry to graduation. You have to choose two different 18-hour concentrations and one additional minor or one additional concentration. The declared concentrations and minor cannot be identical (i.e. one cannot declare a Sociology minor AND a Sociology concentration.)

Online BIS seeks to offer all concentrations and minors asynchronously. Students can verify that a course is asynchronous through the Georgia Southern course search by looking at the ‘Additional Information’ and the ‘MEETING TIMES’ sections of the detailed course search screen.1

Please note: Public Policy, Public Administration, and Nonprofit Management can not be taken all three together. Two of the three can be combined, but not all three together. These concentrations may only be available to students with a declared major as BIS or Online BIS. See the Georgia Southern Catalog for more information about the course requirements and/or prereqs for concentrations and minors. The available options are shown below:

Instructional TechnologyHistory Justice Studies
Nonprofit ManagementPublic AdministrationPublic Policy
SociologySpanishWomen's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

TALONS helps to give an idea or estimate about what might transfer from a previous institution. The listing or exclusion of courses from this program does not reflect on acceptance of the courses to Georgia Southern University. IDS 2111 and 4111 are typically offered Fall, Spring and Summer Full term.

1 All concentrations and minors are fully intended to be ASYNCHRONOUS for students when they are offered fully online. All concentrations are approved as 100% online through the curriculum process at Georgia Southern. It is extremely rare that a course be offered with synchronous elements, and this is a decision made by the departments offering the courses. Students should always be able to determine if a course has a synchronous element by examining the detail screen for a given section in the course search. Contact your advisor if a challenge with a course that has a synchronous element ever arises.

Last updated: 7/24/2023