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Poster Requirements

Honors students can submit posters to be printed on the Honors Program poster plotter under the following conditions:

  • The poster is to be used for a presentation of research or creative activity of the honors student in an honors course or as part of an on-campus or off-campus conference or symposium.
  • Poster sizes are typically either 24×36 or 36×48.  (Posters of other sizes will need to be trimmed by student.)
  • The poster must include either the seal of the University Honors Program or the words “University Honors Program” displayed prominently on the poster.
  • Georgia Southern University and the name of the student’s department and mentor should also be listed.
  • File should be saved and submitted as either PDF or PowerPoint slide.
  • File should be submitted at least five business days before poster is needed. Posters needed in less than five days might not be printed.

Poster Template: Below is a suggested template in a Google Slides file. This template contains the seals, title section, and headers. Feel free to use this format; however, you should develop different header titles.

Keep in mind that you may design your poster however you wish, but you should strive for a clear and readable presentation.


University and Honors Program Logos: The University Honors Program and Georgia Southern University seals should be used on posters.  Please find those logos in this folder:

University and Honors Program Logos

Last updated: 5/28/2019