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Nationally Competitive Scholarships and Fellowships

Many fellowships and scholarships require that applicants be nominated by participating institutions. These nominations come through the University Honors Program, though a student need not be in the program to be nominated. Students requiring nomination must adhere to the campus deadlines to be considered. Also, students applying for fellowships and scholarships where no nomination is needed but who request support from the program must also adhere to the deadline. (Some fellowships and scholarships do not require a campus nomination and students may apply directly, if they so choose.) Campus deadlines are designed to help students prepare the best application possible.

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Opportunities for Study Abroad

Opportunities for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Fields

Opportunities for International Studies and/or Public Policy Fields

Opportunities for Post-Graduate Study

Opportunities that offer summer or semester-long experiences

Opportunities for Environmental Studies

Last updated: 9/19/2017