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The University Honors Program is Open and Online

The University Honors Program, like the rest of Georgia Southern is still open and ready to help you. Our contact information is in the next section.

Current students should continue to read further down for updates on how we will handle Honors Program requirements for the rest of the semester. We also provide a link to Georgia Southern’s Online Learning Resources page.

Students who have been accepted to the Program for Fall 2020 should visit our Accepted Students page for details on their next steps.

Contact Us!

Since we are mostly working from home, the best way to contact us is to send an email. (This goes for other offices on campus as well–email will be the best way to reach folks for now.)  If we need to have a discussion “face-to-face,” Google Hangouts is a great tool for that. Our contact information is:

Statesboro CampusArmstrong Campus
Dr. Steven Engel, Director
Dr. Jonathan Roberts, Associate Director
Dr. Francis Desiderio, Associate Director
Sarah McHugh, Honors Advisor
Erin Martin, Honors Advising Coordinator
Sue Guadagno, Senior Administrative Assistant

Georgia Southern Online Learning Resources

Honors Program FAQ

Please click on the header to get to our new, updated FAQ page.

Important Honors Program Information

Registration for Fall 2020

As of now, registration WILL continue as planned.  If you have seen your primary advisor and received your RAN, you can register starting Monday, March 23rd starting at 6 am.  If you need your advisement sheet with your RAN, please follow the instructions linked at the bottom of the Honors Advisement page. If you have an advising appointment scheduled this week it will occur virtually, either via email or through a virtual meeting.  You should get information regarding this directly from your advisor.

Experiential Learning Requirement

There are two important changes for experiential learning this year: 1) a waiver for incomplete projects is granted to all students; 2) the deadline for a complete reflection survey is extended to April 30. Only those who need to complete an activity were sent the survey. The survey was sent last week to your Georgia Southern email account. (If not in your inbox, check your spam folder.)

Some surveys will be for complete projects, others for incomplete projects, and still others for missed opportunities (cancelled alternative break trips or activities that were to take place this month and next).  Whatever your activity’s status, your only requirement now is to complete the survey. If you have questions about experiential learning, please email Dr. Desiderio.

Thesis Proposal Deadline for Spring and Summer 2021 Graduates

The deadline for submitting a Thesis Proposal for those graduating during the spring or summer 2021 will remain May 1, 2020.  Here is the link to the Thesis Proposal Form.   Students having difficulty working on a proposal or needing an extension should email Dr. Engel.  

Thesis Submission Deadline for Spring and Summer 2020 Graduates

Students who are graduating this semester (or summer) have an extended deadline to submit the final version of their thesis.  The new deadline is April 17, 2020. The Thesis Handbook has been updated to reflect the changes to the deadline and the submission process necessitated by the move online this semester. Students should still be able to work with their mentors via email or other technologies to finalize their projects.  For those who have ongoing experiments that require access to laboratory environments, we are asking mentors to work with them to define achievable goals for the thesis. 

Students having difficulty completing their thesis or needing an extension should email Dr. Engel.  

Honors Symposium – Statesboro and Armstrong students

Please check our Virtual Honors Symposium page for details.

Honors Graduation

While the original commencement dates are cancelled, the university is exploring alternative options for commencement. Until a final decision is announced about the university-wide commencement ceremonies, we will not make any decisions about the Honors graduation ceremonies.  Graduating seniors should expect to hear from us as soon as we know more.  

Honors Book Loan

Students on the Statesboro campus who have books from the University Store on an Honors Book Loan will be emailed directions and a pre-paid shipping label to be used for returning books at the end of the semester.   

Last updated: 4/15/2020