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Apply to Honors

Engage in Undergraduate Research

Picture yourself publishing your work or presenting research findings on the national stage.  While you begin your studies in an honors freshman seminar and honors sections of introductory courses, the Honors Program also provides you with both the challenge and support as you complete your Honors Thesis, a substantial research project mentored by a professor in your field of study.

  • Small honors classes taught by dedicated professors
  • Requirements account for students with dual enrollment or AP credit
  • Faculty-mentored research

Join a Community of Scholars

A college education begins in the classroom, but it does not end there.  Experiential and service-learning activities will engage you in meaningful opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Our community of scholars includes a diverse population who share a common commitment to academic excellence.

Graduate with Distinction

Your experience in the Honors Program will set you up for success.  The honors diploma you will earn shows that you have taken a more challenging and intentional path through college.  You will join other honors alumni in attending the best graduate schools and in achieving rewarding careers.

  • Demonstrate to employers your initiative and abilities
  • Build your profile of service and engagement
  • Develop a habit of asking questions and finding solutions

One Honors Program – Two Great Campuses

To be a student in the University Honors Program at Georgia Southern is to be immersed in the inquiry and creativity found in a community of scholars dedicated to research and a lifetime of learning. On both the Armstrong and Statesboro campuses, we have a long tradition of helping outstanding students achieve academic success.

Last updated: 5/28/2019