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Honors Advisement

Students may meet with our Honors Advising Coordinator, Erin Martin, at any point during their career at Georgia Southern.  Incoming first year students will be required to meet with the Honors Advising Coordinator during their fall term while incoming transfer students will be required to meet at the start of their first term at Georgia Southern.  Additionally, any current Georgia Southern students admitted to the Honors Program will be required to meet with the Honors Advising Coordinator upon acceptance of their invitation to join.

While students in their sophomore through senior years will not be required to meet with the Honors Advisor each semester, they are encouraged to take advantage of this resource by scheduling an appointment at least once per year.  Doing so can assist students in monitoring their progress through Honors Program requirements as well as provide additional support and guidance related to the capstone/thesis project, experiential learning, research opportunities, nationally competitive scholarships and post-graduate plans.

Advisement through the University Honors Program is designed to supplement the advisement students receive through their home colleges or departments and is not a replacement for such. 

Advisement will:

  • Seek to provide accurate guidance, information and assistance to students as they progress through their academic career
  • Ensure students understand and are progressing through University Honors Program requirements in a timely and thoughtful manner
  • Provide guidance on experiential learning, nationally competitive scholarships, and prospective study abroad trips as well as link students with other relevant opportunities to supplement their classroom learning
  • Provide support and feedback to students regarding their honors related questions and concerns

Last updated: 12/14/2017