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Accepted Students

Information for accepted incoming first-year students for fall 2020:

Incoming freshmen who have applied to the University Honors Program for either the Statesboro or Armstrong campuses will receive a letter sent to their postal address with an admission decision depending on which of the application deadlines they have met.

  • Complete applications submitted by the November 1 deadline will receive an Honors Program admission decision by February 1.
  • Complete applications submitted by the February 1 deadline will receive an Honors Program admission decision by April 1.

Incoming freshmen accepted to the University Honors Program will need to take care of the following items outlined below.

Accept the Offer to Join the Program

If accepted to the Honors Program, your acceptance letter (and a follow-up email) contains a link to an on-line form where accepted students can declare their intent to join the program or decline the offer. You must complete that form to officially join the program.

SOAR A Orientation Session

You will need to register for a SOAR session this summer.

Our preference is that you attend SOAR Freshman 1 — The Statesboro Freshman 1 (SF1) session is June 1-2, 2020, and the Armstrong Freshman 1 (AF1) session is June 4-5. Attending this first session on your campus will allow you to be among the first of the incoming freshman class to register for fall semester classes.

To learn more about SOAR, please visit this page:

To register for SOAR, please do so online at your Status Check page:

Honors Living Learning Community and Housing

As a first-year Honors student, you have the option to live in the Honors Living-Learning Community (LLC) located in Centennial Place (Statesboro Campus) or Windward Commons (Armstrong Campus).

By living surrounded by other students just as dedicated to their academic pursuits, your drive to succeed will be fueled and matched. Lifelong friendships and networks are formed in the residence halls, and living in the Honors Community will give you proximity to your classmates from honors courses as you form study groups, hold movie nights, or just hang out and debate the big ideas until the wee hours.

We want the Honors Living Learning Community to be your new home, not to replace the one you left behind but rather to welcome you to your life as a scholar. Students like you thrive in these types of environments.

In order to join the Honors Living-Learning Community you will need to:
1) Complete your Housing application at this site:
2) Indicate interest in the LLC on the supplemental Residential Learning Communities application
3) Once you accept your offer to join the University Housing Program, you will be invited to join the Living-Learning Community. You must follow the instructions provided by University Housing to be assigned a room in the community.

Housing will do their best to reserve you a place in the LLC if you complete your Housing application and University Honors Program Offer Acceptance Form by May 1, 2020, however space is limited and University Housing has their own deadlines to consider.

*Note: The Honors Living-Learning Community has its own requirements for participants which are located on the Residential Learning Communities application through University Housing. To be assigned, you must follow the steps above and agree to the requirements of the community through the application listed above.

Survey of First-Year Honors Students

In spring, you will receive a survey where you will be given the opportunity to indicate your course preferences for fall semester.

It is important that you complete this survey as soon as you receive it. Your answers will help us plan your first year at Georgia Southern and in the Honors Program as well as help us plan for all students joining the program.

Please make sure you provide us with your most recent email address so you receive this survey. When you accepted the offer to join the program, you gave us an email address to where we should sent the survey.  If that address has changed, please send the updated email address to Erin Martin, Honors Advising Coordinator,

Last updated: 12/18/2019