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About the Program

Humility before Honor

Welcome to the University Honors Program at Georgia Southern University. We provide an enhanced educational environment for bright and motivated students who seek a distinctive and challenging undergraduate experience. The Program is designed as a “college within a college” where students have access to smaller classes and enriching seminars and, at the same time, enjoy the opportunities provided by a large, complex, comprehensive university.


Mission Statement

The University Honors Program provides a small college atmosphere in the context of a large comprehensive university. The program is designed to foster the development of a critical sense of inquiry, a spirit of creativity, a global perspective and an ethic of civic responsibility. A hallmark of the program is the emphasis on bringing ideas to life through undergraduate research, experiential learning and service-learning opportunities.


A History of Honors on Two Campuses

Honors education has been on the Statesboro campus of Georgia Southern since 1982, when the Bell Honors Program was founded. Each year a class of honors students would rise to the curricular challenges shaped by then-director Dr. Hewitt Joiner. The University Honors Program began in 1998, also on the Statesboro campus, and was designed to create honors experiences for more students. The Honors Program on the Armstrong Campus began in 1996 to create a community of leaders dedicated to lifelong learning.  The current University Honors Program now has over 800 students on both campuses, and its reach is across all colleges and in all disciplines.


The Four Foundations

Students in the University Honors Program engage in a variety of experiences that facilitate the education of the whole person. While the life of the mind is at the core of the educational experience, we also offer leadership development opportunities, co-curricular events, and service-learning opportunities. In fact, our experiential learning program allows students to apply their knowledge and skills in a real-world environment on campus and in the local community. These kinds of learning opportunities help ideas come to life and make for a more rewarding and meaningful undergraduate education. The entirety of the University Honors Program experience rests on our Four Foundations:

Critical Sense of Inquiry – The University Honors Program rests on a foundation of the following ideals that are inspired by the institution’s emphasis on engaged learning. Honors students will explore a variety of approaches to research designed to foster the pursuit of knowledge. Students will develop the ability to question with a healthy skepticism toward accepted opinion. The culmination of the undergraduate experience is an independent research or creative project designed to exemplify a critical approach to inquiry.

Spirit of Creativity Honors students will embrace the idea that creativity is a virtue that should be experienced by all students, regardless of discipline. This spirit involves a respect for different ways of knowing and an openness to intellectual discussion and challenge.

Civic Responsibility – Honors students will demonstrate an ethic of civic responsibility and exemplify the motto of the program, “Humility before Honor.” Students will be challenged to use their abilities and talents for the advancement of humanity and the pursuit of a greater good. The primary vehicle for the expression of civic responsibility is through service both to the university and the community.

Global Perspective – Honors students will develop a perspective which allows them to approach their chosen discipline from an international point of view. This outlook involves the critical exploration of global concerns and generation of proposed solutions to international problems. Honors education provides this worldwide perspective through academic courses, study abroad opportunities and co-curricular experiences.


Preparation for the Next Steps

The culmination of the University Honors Program experience is the Honors Thesis, which involves students engaging in undergraduate research projects under the supervision of faculty mentors. Students who complete the entire course of study and the Honors Thesis are well prepared for law school, medical school, graduate school, a career, or whatever path they seek to follow.


Explore Our Program

Through our pages you will read about the opportunities available to our students, the great faculty who make these opportunities happen, and the many accomplishments resulting from the work of our students and faculty.

Last updated: 3/6/2018